Lego Dimensions: Teen Titans Go! Team Pack

All good things must come to an end.  After months of speculation, Traveler’s Tales recently confirmed that they were no longer developing new expansions for Lego Dimensions.  Before we put down our controllers and move on with our lives, let’s take a look at the final wave of products for the toys-to-life game.  Since this week has a DC Superheroes theme, I thought we would kick things off with the Teen Titans Go! team pack.

For the uninitiated, Teen Titans Go! has been running on Cartoon Network for several years now.  It features the same cast of characters that appeared on the network’s previous Teen Titans show, but the tone is decidedly sillier.  In fact, TTG! has more in common with Spongebob Squarepants than it does the typical superhero adventure show.  The Titans spend more time hanging out at their headquarters than they do fighting crime.  Robin is a neurotic control freak, Beast Boy and Cyborg are lazy bros, Starfire is a literal princess and Raven is a mopey Goth chick.  Comedy ensues.  The pack unlocks an exclusive episode of the show which can be watched in-game, so check it out.

All five of the characters are playable thanks to previously released product.  Robin was included in the Lego Batman Movie Story Pack and Cyborg was released as a Fun Pack in the game’s first year.  When either of these characters enters the Teen Titans Go! adventure world, they will change into their animated equivalent from the show.  Starfire is also available in her own Fun Pack which we will get to next week.

Today’s Team Pack includes Raven and Beast Boy.  Both characters are a lot of fun, but Raven is essential to anyone who wants to complete 100% of the game.  That’s because she has an exclusive ability to open Magical Portals.  This actually works exactly like Chel’s Portal Gun from the Portal 2 Level Pack in terms of game play, but the types of portals are exclusive to each character.

Additionally, Raven is one of the very few characters who can use the Constructs ability.  For nearly a year, only Supergirl had this power.  With the game’s final wave of releases, Raven and all three of the Power Puff Girls finally provide alternatives to hunting down a hard-to-find Supergirl.  She also has electricity which is a relatively rare power.  The other characters with electricity are not nearly as versatile as Raven is.  Now you won’t have to hunt down the ACU Trooper from the Jurassic World Team Pack every time you need an electric charge.

Raven’s other skills are more common, but still useful.  She can fly, shoot lasers and control a little drone shaped like a crow.  She also has hazard protection and Intelligence.  Raven’s gadget is her spell book which can fly, shoot lasers and destroy red demon bricks.  That’s handy if you don’t have Finn the Human or Marceline from the Adventure Time packs.  The spellbook can also be upgraded into a pair of raven wings or a giant hand which can be used for digging or super strength.

In terms of utility, Raven is a tough act to follow.  Without any exclusive powers, Beast Boy isn’t as essential as his teammate.  But his shape-shifting makes him a fun and useful character.  In his base form, Beast Boy is an acrobat, he can access small spaces and he throws a banana as a boomerang (I told you Teen Titans Go! is silly).

He can also turn into a bird and fly, a dog who can dig and track things, a mouse who can access “slurp” grates or drone mazes, or turn a dolphin who can swim and talk to fish Aquaman-style.  For most of the game’s history, Aquaman was the only character with the Atlantis Elemental ability, but this last wave really diluted his value by spreading that power around to other characters.  Good for Beast Boy, but kind of sucks for Aquaman.

Beast Boy’s vehicle is the T-Car and it’s nothing to get excited about.  In its base form, it’s a standard Lego Dimensions car.  It can be upgraded to a fork lift which can blow up silver bricks or access drone mazes or to the T-Plane which is a standard flying vehicle.  You know the drill by now on these vehicles.  They are useful for players who don’t have a large collection.  But eventually you will reach a point where most of them are worthless.

All in all, this is a really solid Team Pack.  The Teen Titans Go! adventure world is filled with Easter eggs for fans of the show.  The Starfire Fun Pack offers a cheaper way to access the world, but Raven’s exclusive power makes it worthwhile to shell out for the Team Pack if you are a serious Dimensions player.







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    It’s time. Why is this show so reviled by the DC fanbase?


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