Andrew McCarthy Gallery


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  1. Sammy Hagar once sang about about not being able to drive 55, but Andrew McCarthy can now!


  2. Wow, I didn’t know Andrew McCarty was in “Gossip Girl”! I have a friend who loved that show; she loved Blake Lively’s character there, with her walk and attitude. What I recall best of McCarthy’s television roles was that episode of “Law and Order, SVU, in which his character placed a female in a box: yeah, it’s based on a real case too, like all the “Law and Order” shows; it happened in May of 1977 (just a few days before I was born actually). The lady’s name is Colleen Stan, and the strength she took being held hostage for 7 years just amazes me. I feel it’s a testament to the will of the human spirit!
    Sorry for getting carried away by that story, and I hope I don’t offend anyone!


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