Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Here it is.  Check it out and let us know what you’re most excited about in the comments.


Posted on November 29, 2017, in Super Heroes and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. “Get this man a shield.” Goosebumps!


  2. I have some nitpicks. The Vision turning human? NO WAY! Spider-Man’s costume? NO! I PROTEST!


    • I don’t mind Spider-Man’s costume. He’s worn a lot of goofy variations of his classic outfit. My assumption is this is temporary. I need context on the Vision. Could be a dream sequence, simulation, alternate reality. I’m giving it all a pass until we know more. Mostly, I was just excited by the sense of everything we have seen to this point building to some kind of climax and/or conclusion. This feels appropriately epic.


  3. I have some questions about the trailer…. You might want to check it out 😁😉


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