Lego Dimensions: Fun With Fun Packs: Buttercup and Starfire

Today’s Lego Dimensions article examines two Fun Packs from the video game’s final wave of releases.  Both are superheroines who appear on shows on Cartoon Network.  Starfire rounds out the team from Teen Titans Go! and Buttercup is one of the Power Puff Girls.  Should you add these packs to your Christmas list?

Picking up where we left off with the Teen Titans, Starfire is an alien princess who is known for her extraordinary cheeriness and her struggles with the English language.

In the game, she has a few of the expected superhero powers.  She can fly, swim and shoot lasers.  Some of her other skills are slightly surprising.  She’s an acrobat and can heal herself.  But it seems like the designers decided to gift Starfire with a bunch of abilities that were previously pretty rare.

For example, Starfire is one of only four characters in the game who can blow up rainbow bricks.  She has the Atlantis ability which was exclusive to Aquaman up until this final wave of product.  And she has Harry Potter’s ability to open Parseltongue Doors.  Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls shares all of these abilities which makes me thing the game designers were trying to entice players to buy these packs as a way to clean up on skills they had previously missed out on.

Her gadget is the Titan Robot who has a tow bar and can blow up silver bricks.  The robot can be upgraded to use electricity or to turn into to a flying rocket with lasers.

The biggest selling point to Starfire is that she is the cheapest way to access the Teen Titans Go! Adventure World.  However, since Raven has an exclusive ability, you may want to pick up the TTG Team Pack despite the higher cost.

I am less familiar with the Power Puff Girls than I am with the Teen Titans.  My kids watched reruns of the original cartoon from the 90’s, but this pack is based on the latest incarnation of the characters which as I understand is quite different.  Based on my in-game experiences, the premise is still the same.  A bunch of super-powered girls save the city from crazy villains like the talking monkey, Mojo Jojo.

The big news on the Power Puff Girls is that they have the Lego Construct ability which for the last year has been exclusive to Supergirl.  This upset a lot of players because Supergirl was a promotional figure who was not available in stores.  Unless you snagged her, Buttercup is your cheapest option to pick up the construct ability.

She also has the ability to fly, swim, use super strength and an energy shield which is unique to Buttercup and her teammates.  She can use the gyrosphere ability which was previously unique to Jake the Dog from Adventuretime and the Jurassic World gadget.  And she is the only character outside of the Ninjago series with the Spinjitzu Ability.  As was the case with Starfire, you can check off a lot of pretty uncommon powers with this Fun Pack.


Her gadget is another robot.  Yep, it blows up silver bricks.  It can be upgraded to break glass or provide super strength.  Of the two, Starfire’s robot is better.  But neither of them is critical.  I built them both but haven’t used either one in the game.

Another big selling point for Buttercup is that she is the cheapest way to access the Power Puff Girls Adventure World.  Thanks to her, you don’t have to shell out for the more expensive Team Pack unless you just really want to have the whole team in your collection.


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