Weekly Recap: Welcome to Winter(fest)

‘Tis the season for Thanksgiving leftovers both in the kitchen and at the box office.  Hollywood studios don’t offer up any major new releases the weekend following Thanksgiving because they know most of us are busy doing other things.  If you were going to go see Justice League or Coco, you were probably going to do it during the long weekend.  For those who have time for a movie in between shopping and wrapping, Hollywood hopes you will squeeze in one of their holdovers from last month.  They need to make whatever money they are going to make before The Last Jedi opens in mid-December.

That left the site without a cohesive theme to play with this week, but there was still plenty to chew on.  If you were too busy with Black Friday and Cyber Monday to keep up, here’s a recap of everything you missed.

The picture at the top of the article came from my family’s visit to Kings Island last weekend.  It’s been a long time since our regional amusement park was open this time of year.  Winters in Ohio are generally not concussive to roller coasters, but this year Kings Island brought back their holiday tradition, Winterfest.  A lot of the rides weren’t operating, but there was still plenty to see and do.  Due to the unseasonably warm weather and the fact that it had been more than a decade since the last time Winterfest was offered, the park was jam packed.  But I really have to hand it to Kings Island.  They went above and beyond.

In addition to celebrating the holidays, we continue to our daily birthday celebrations.  Let’s see who blew out candles this week.

There’s some big names this week.  I mean, come on, we’re starting off the week with legendary martial artist Bruce Lee and the Queen of Thunderdome.  There’s the Man in Black, one of Doctor Who’s companions who is now feuding with the Guardians of the Galaxy, a member of the Breakfast Club, the Lawnmower Man, Billy freaking Idol, the definitive Batman, Inigo Montoya, the Divine Miss M, Britney, one of Charlie’s Angels, a mean girl and a mermaid/replicant.  As always, Jestak has wrapped up all these and more in a big holiday bow.

As one of the newer WTHH subjects, Andrew McCarthy got his own photo gallery this week.  In the comments section, we had a conversation about birthday boy Woody Allen and the accusations which have dogged him for decades now.  In the past, my approach has always been to try to separate the artist from the art.  As such, I wasn’t too concerned about Woody Allen’s personal life as long as he wasn’t breaking any laws.  But I find that harder and harder to maintain these days.  Allen doesn’t help matters by putting his personal life on display in most of his movies.  I understand his newest, Wonder Wheel, is hard to watch as a result.

I told you guys when the Harvey Weinstein stories broke out that it was just the tip of the iceberg.  I knew more stories and accusations would follow, but I had no idea how many.  This past week, Matt Lauer was the latest broadcaster to lose his job after allegations of sexual harassment.  Geraldo Rivera came to Lauer’s defense claiming that “news is a flirty business”.  Um, no.  Not if you are doing it right.  But then, no one ever accused Geraldo of being a journalist.

As a “birthday gift” to herself, Bette Midler tweeted out a clip from an interview she did with Barbara Walters back in the day.  In the clip, Midler accused Rivera and his producer of assaulting her in the seventies.

Ugh.  On so many levels.  How long has Barbara Walters been actively sweeping this stuff under the rug?  Rivera issued the standard decades-too-late apology with the caveat that he remembers the incident differently.

Moving on, Kevthewriter examined the failure of Justice League and what it means for the larger DC Cinematic Universe.  It’s practically impossible to discuss the topic without comparing DC to the much more successful Marvel movies.  So Kev offers his thoughts on both.  Marvel released the first teaser trailer for their next big team-up movie, Avengers: Infinity War.  Reader reactions included an organized protest over changes made to Spider-Man’s costume.

Kev also asked why Soulja Boy’s hit song “Crank That” has been largely forgotten.  This was a fun one for me to edit because I wasn’t sure whether Soulja Boy was the artist or the name of the song.  I hope I got it right.  I also had to look up what an AMV is.  Apparently it’s an anime music video which doesn’t really clear things up for me.  Here’s one featuring Spongebob Squarepants:

So, yeah.  That’s a thing.

Wrapping up the month of November, I had some leftover articles from the Movieline archives to serve up.  We had already used all of our cover stories for the month, so instead I pulled out an article from the 2002 issue with predictions about who was likely to succeed.  The same issue contained a profile on English actor Jason Isaacs who was best known for his villainous roles at the time.  Finally, we had an interview with future Harry Potter director, Chris Columbus, from the 1992 issue.  At the time, Columbus was preparing Home Alone 2 for theaters.

Last and certainly least, I fired up Lego Dimensions for a look at the Buttercup and Starfire Fun Packs.  This is the second to last installment in the Lego Dimensions write-ups.  Next week, I will finish things up with a dose of 80’s nostalgia.

Next Week: Daffy and I are working on a new kind of nonsense that will remind readers of some of the site’s old nonsense.  Lego Dimensions goes out with a bang, and the Movieline cover story features America’s favorite Scientologist.


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