Lego Dimensions: Fun With Fun Packs: E.T. and Beetlejuice

So this is it.  As Christmas looms, I am taking my last look at Lego Dimensions.  For the final two Fun Packs, I have chosen two characters who pack a nostalgic punch.  In terms of game utility, neither Beetlejuice nor E.T. brings all that much to the table.  But if you grew up on the movies of the 80’s, you’re going to want to add them to your collection anyway.

Beetlejuice, the Bio-Exorcist played by Michael Keaton in Tim Burton’s supernatural comedy. is one of the final characters introduced to the game.  Travelers Tales has loaded most of these last wave characters with all kinds of abilities many of which were previously rare or exclusive.  But they seem to be relying on nostalgia to sell Beetlejuice because the “ghost with the most” is relatively under-powered.

Beetlejuice has super strength, mind control, magic and illumination.  He’s also really good at getting into hard-to-reach places.  He has several access-related abilities including Apparate Access which was previously exclusive to characters from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series.

Beetlejuice comes with a sandworm which is a little odd because last I heard, he hates those things.  In its base form, the sandworm can break glass for you.  It can be upgraded to a “haunted vacuum” or a spider which can blow up gold and silver bricks.

Easily the biggest selling point of the Beetlejuice Fun Pack is access to the Adventure World based on the movie.  The developers did a terrific job capturing the Burtonesque details.  As a fan of the movie, I was initially disappointed because the world appeared to be pretty sparse.  You start off outside of the Deetz’s house.  The house itself is relatively small, so I didn’t expect to find much inside.  But once I started exploring the house, I realized that’s where most of the content is which makes sense given that most of the movie takes place in the house.

In addition to the regular living space, the house includes passageways into the afterlife.  And if you go up to the attic, you can enter the model town which recreates everything you remember from the movie.

Our final character is E.T., the extraterrestrial who stole audiences’ hearts in Steven Spielberg’s classic 80’s movie.  E.T. has a skill set based around helping.  He has magic, he can fix things and he can make plants grow.  E.T. can illuminate the darkness with his glowing finger and he can be stealthy.  He can also heal and fix things.

Of course you expect E.T. to come with a bicycle as his vehicle.  E.T. and Elliot riding a bicycle across the moon is one of the most iconic scenes in 80’s cinema.  Instead, he comes with a phone as a gadget.

Disappointed?  Don’t be.  E.T. uses the phone to call a friend.  Then Elliot arrives on his flying bicycle.  And yes, the sky in the Adventure World includes a big full moon you can go soaring past.  The phone’s ringing can also break glass.  It can be upgraded to shoot lasers and blow up silver bricks.

As with Beetlejuice, the main selling point here is the Adventure World.  The world is well done, but unfortunately the setting is comparatively mundane.  The movie took place in a familiar suburb where any 80’s kid could have grown up.  The Adventure World recreates that with as many nods to the movie as the developers could squeeze in.  You will find all the movie’s supporting characters and if you go out into the woods E.T.’s spaceship is there.  If you have ever wondered what’s inside, just walk on in.

After two years, Lego Dimensions has come to an end.  While there are still characters and properties I would have liked to have seen added in future expansions, all in all, I’m happy a game like this existed at all.  When I was a kid playing games on my Atari 2600, I never imagined there would be a video game that would allow me to mash-up E.T. and Beetlejuice with Batman, Back to the Future and Ghostbusters.


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