Top 5 Minor Characters of 2017

It’s time for Kevthewriter‘s second annual list of the top five minor characters in movies.  Here are his picks for 2017.

5. The Crystal Fox from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Finally, a Fennec Fox is in a big budget movie and a Star Wars movie to boot! More movies need Fennec Foxes, they are such underrated creatures (even if the creature is only slightly based on a Fennec Fox). Only thing Disney (or any company), next time you put a Fennec Fox in your movie, don’t make it one that pretends to be a baby red fox for most of his screen time (looking at you, Zootopia) or a fantasy creature loosely based on a Fennec Fox. Next time make a Fennec Fox that is out and proud to be a Fennec! After all, more people need to know about these adorable creatures.

4. Rocket’s Booster Seat from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Why put this on a best of minor characters list? This is a pretty inconsequential prop, don’t you think? Well, that’s what you think! If you think about it, without Rocket’s booster seat, the plot would’ve never started! Without the seat, he wouldn’t be able to see very well when piloting the ship, meaning he couldn’t pilot it. If he couldn’t pilot the ship, he wouldn’t have gotten into an argument with Quill about who is the better pilot. If they hadn’t argued, then they wouldn’t have tried besting each other about whose the best pilot and almost gotten into a crash (well, The Sovereign are also there to thank for that). And, if that hadn’t happened, none of the rest of the things in the movie would’ve happened. Still not convinced Rocket’s Booster Seat is a more complex character than you think? Well, considering James Gunn tried giving literally every character their own story, I’m pretty sure the seat had its own side story where it went off on its own adventure with Peter’s pilot controls. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote that but it was cut out.

3. Porgs from Star Wars The Last Jedi

They are freaking cute, what more do you want?! Although, they were in the movie so little they didn’t really need the attention the marketing gave them. But still they are so. freaking. cute.

2. These Audience Members (and pretty much any extra) from The Disaster Artist

Why’d I put them here? Because I’m pretty sure they are the only actors in this movie that aren’t played by famous actors. There are so many famous people in this movie that, in the scene where Greg was playing with kids, I’m half surprised they didn’t have the kids from Stranger Things play with him so I’ll put them here!

And my #1 favorite minor character of 2017 is…

Jeff Goldblum’s Harem in Thor Ragnarok

You thought I was gonna put The Grandmaster?! *pfft* Does he count as a “minor character”? I think not. But his harem does and I’m gonna put them because…I dunno, I’m running out of people to put on this list honestly.

Thanks for reading!


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