Park Hopping with Daffy Stardust Part 2

My single day at Walt Disney World broken into multiple videos continues as I take advantage of sparse early crowds to knock out a few of my favorite attractions at the Magic Kingdom. Join me as I enjoy mild thrills on Big Thunder Mountain and mild chills in the Haunted Mansion. There is talk about one of the Mansion’s primary old school special effects, and then we take a quick tour of Adventureland. So glad to be sharing my Disney fun with you readers again!


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  1. It seems like you were making a point about rope drop but I’m not 100% sure. Are you saying I shouldn’t sleep in on vacation!?!

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    • Ha ha ha ha! I know it sounds like a broken record, but after mostly wasting the extra magic hour on aimless meandering and snacking, to then run into a 5 minute wait for Splash Mountain, cashing in my first FastPass in just a few minutes at Big Thunder, and to then emerge into a Frontierland that was still so sparsely populated on December 23rd it just seemed too obvious to ignore. I walked into the Mansion with basically no wait (despite the 13 minute wait posted), encountered about a 10 minute wait for Pirates of the Caribbean and then walked up just as the pre-show began for the Tiki Room. As you’ll see in the next video, people started actually showing up to the park a little before 10am. Don’t worry, I’ll make my own mistake on this trip that will almost wipe that smug look off my face. You’ll just have to wait to see what it is. It’s not pretty.


      • That’s what they call in the industry “a tease”. Well played.

        I am helping a friend of a friend of Mindy’s plan their first Disney World trip. I do this for a surprising number of people I have never met. Every time, I try to hammer home “go early”. Not necessarily rope drop because that’s not for everyone. I actually prefer strolling through the gates after the rope drop crowd has dissipated even if it means giving up that first walk-on ride.

        Rope drop with kids is a much more stressful experience than you’re used to I imagine. Add in a wife who A. Hates getting up early on vacation and B. Isn’t especially excited about being at Disney World again and rope drop isn’t worth it for me. When I reposted my 2012 trip report recently, Mindy reread it. Her reaction was “Now I remember why I hate you on vacation. You got us up at 6 am!” It turns out, she doesn’t value efficient theme park touring nearly as much as you and I do.

        Looking forward to the next installment!


        • Yeah, when it comes to vacation I’ve always been the one jumping up and down on the bed too excited to sleep because of all the fun we were going to have that day. I know that’s intolerable for some people, but when it pays off so nicely at a place like Disney World I don’t see much reason to dampen my AM enthusiasm 🙂


        • I am the same way although my enthusiasm has been dampened over time largely by necessity. Whether I set an alarm or not, I tend to wake up early if I am on a vacation with activities I am looking forward to. But I have slowly figured out it’s not worth a grumpy touring party to try to get the rest of the family on board with my approach. The goal now is just to get there before the place gets packed. Mindy’s idea of the perfect day at Disney World is to arrive late in the afternoon, ride one maybe two rides, have dinner and call it a night. Preferably with no buses or lines. And then skip parks altogether for a day or two. If I were by myself or with a like-minded travel party, I may not jump up and down on the bed Tom Cruise-style, but I’d be down for the early AM touring.


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