Park Hopping with Daffy Part 4

You might have noticed that I recently added one more table service restaurant to my rankings of Walt Disney World’s offered sit-down eateries, and now you get to share some of that meal with me here. Of course I didn’t actually save any of it for you, but you get to see me enjoy it myself, and that’s almost as good, right? No? Well, hopefully it’s fun anyway. You also get a little footage of Club Cool and Journey into Imagination if that’s more your speed.


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  1. I have eaten at Rose and Crown, but it’s been a while. Thirty years to be exact. On my first visit to Epcot back in the glory days of Epcot Center, my parents dropped me and my two siblings who were closest in age to me off at Epcot and took the younger three to the Magic Kingdom. (The idea of doing such a thing positively blows my mind. This is in the days before cell phones. If something had happened, we would have had no way of communicating.) It was Spring Break and the place was packed. We didn’t have any plan whatsoever. Didn’t even know what Epcot was. I think my parents told us it was Disney World for big kids or something like that. I’m sure they had no idea either. Dad gave us each something like $20 to spend as we saw fit which was a pretty decent chunk of change in 1988 but not enough to go crazy on souvenirs.

    My recollections are hazy. We just wandered from one pavilion to the next with no idea what was around the corner. After touring Future World, we expected the World Showcase would feature a ride at every pavilion. Obviously, we were mistaken but it seemed so cool and grown-up that we didn’t mind the lack of rides. I remember having lunch at the French pavilion which tells me we spent the bulk of the day at WS. We hadn’t given any thought to our dinner plans until I overheard a couple in the Moroccan pavilion. They wanted to eat at Restaurant Marrakesh which I believe was relatively new in 1988. But the place was packed and they couldn’t get a table.

    At that point, I wondered if we would need reservations for dinner. But being 17, I didn’t really know how to make them so I just didn’t worry about it. When it came time for dinner, I remember ending up at Rose and Crown largely be default. The other locations we stopped at were too busy to seat us. I don’t remember for certain what I ordered, but I remember enjoying it. Of course, I imagine the menu has changed at least once in the last three decades so my experience probably isn’t relevant to today.

    Scotch eggs seem to be trendy. They are all over all the pub-style restaurants. I had intended to sample one while we were in Universal this summer, but sadly it didn’t pan out. The rain restricted our dining options that trip. But I am sure the opportunity to try one will present itself at some point in the future. The look appetizing.

    The food in your video looked good. The lighting in these restaurants is typically dim which can make food pictures look muddy and unappealing. As you say, British food isn’t the most exotic which is one of the reasons I haven’t eaten at Rose and Crown in thirty years. The other being that British food is probably too exotic for my picky eaters. In the past, our dining choices at Epcot favored character meals. When/If we get back, I look forward to being able to eat at locations where the primary appeal is the food.


    • Thanks for sharing your memories of Epcot. The Morocco pavilion would have been pretty darn new at that point. That was probably the last time anybody had trouble getting a table at Restaurant Marrakesh. It’s really good, but it’s physically hidden and a little more exotic than most American tourists prefer.

      As you saw in Gaston’s Tavern, lighting can definitely be an issue when you’re trying to shoot in some places. My iPhone, which does really well in low light has unfortunately had trouble recently interacting with iMovie on my computer, so I was only shooting with my other camera this time around. For whatever reasons, the footage I got this time doesn’t strike me as particularly strong by comparison. I was moving pretty quickly and kind of winging it overall, so that might have something to do with it.

      I’m currently trying to add as many new restaurants to my rankings as I can, so I’m not likely to go back to Rose and Crown on my next trip, but I would definitely recommend it to anybody whose tastes run that way. I’ll be giving a couple of places a second try in April, but I’ll also be eating in at least three places where I haven’t before. I’m particularly looking forward to Jiko.


      • My memory of the Morocco pavilion in 1988 was that it was like the marketplace scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. At the time, I didn’t realize it was new because as I said before, I had no idea what I was in for when my parents dropped us off. I was also young and naive enough to totally buy the hydrolaters in Sea Base Alpha. We had driven to the park from a beachfront condo, so the fact that we were in central Florida didn’t register with me. I have been in Epcot on busy days, but I have never seen the Morocco pavilion anywhere near as packed as I remember it that day. (It is entirely possible my memories cannot be fully trusted.)

        The first time I ever took food pictures on a trip, I was utterly disappointed with how they turned out. I had practiced at home, but I didn’t take into consideration “mood” lighting. This past trip, I bought myself a little flash I could attach to my phone which helped some. I have also figured out you can do wonders with a photo editor, but that doesn’t help at all for video. If I am ever going to do any vlogging, I am going to need to invest in some equipment. (Speaking of which, I found my old mic last night. I have to test it to make sure it still works. If it does, I may be available to record tonight if you are available. I will let you know.)

        If you are a frequent WDW traveler, one of the great joys is trying out restaurants which are new to you. We ate at Jiko on our honeymoon in 2003. It’s been 15 years but I remember enjoying my meal.

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