Weekly Recap: Die Hard Dies Harder

Detective John McClane has been in some tough spots before.  But in this week’s Movies of 1988 bracket game, he finally found a situation he couldn’t yippee-kai-yay his way out of.  Proving once again that I am lousy at predicting reader preferences, A Fish Called Wanda knocked Die Hard out of the game in the semi-final round.  I frankly expected Die Hard to go all the way, but the readers have spoken.  With Die Hard down for the count, the path is clear for one of three comedies to claim the crown.  Between the bracket game, birthdays, videos and everything else going on here at the blog, it’s been a busy week.  Let’s see what you missed.

If you want to go back and see how your favorite movie got eliminated, here are the previous contests from the Movies of ’88 game:

If you missed those votes, well, they are over.  But you still have time to vote in today’s contest as we decide whether Beetlejuice or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? will face off against A Fish Called Wanda in the finals.  Tomorrow, we will crown a winner who will be announced on Tuesday.  And then, you guys know what happens next.  If not, you’ll find out on Wednesday.

In addition to the bracket game, it’s been another full week of celebrity birthdays.  Let’s see who merited in a mention in Jestak’s updates:

We’ve got a member of the Scooby gang (the one that fought vampires not the one that solved mysteries), Ziggy Stardust, Ensign Ro Laren, a teacher more despised than He Who Must Not Be Named, one of the collaborators behind The Lord of the Rings movies, the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Elaine, Ant-Man’s buddy, Legolas, the lead Foo Fighter, Mommie Dearest, and the Flash.

Kevthewriter was brought us a double dose of his Why’d It….? features.  First came a look at two under-performing Adam Sandler movies from back when that was unusual.  Sander used to be one of the most reliable stars in Hollywood, but Little Nicky and Eight Crazy Nights didn’t deliver at the box office.  Then Kev gave us his take on the classic Pixar/Dreamworks smackdown that was A Bug’s Life Vs. Ants.

Daffy Stardust continued documenting his daylong tour of all four Disney parks in Orlando.  This week’s videos take place in Epcot where Daffy eats a scotch egg then he hits some of the rides in Future World.  After a series of technical problems you don’t want to hear about, Daffy and I were finally able to carry on a conversation for our monthly episode of Digital Nonsense.  If I seem cranky it’s because the brand new microphone I bought isn’t working.  Sheesh!  You’d think $5 would buy something that would last!

Finally, the Movieline article this week was a talk with Stockard Channing from the January 1998 issue.

To take us out this week, let’s give a listen to the golden pipes of Mr. Yippee Kai Yay himself.

Next Week: After we crown a winner, we’ll skip ahead ten years to the movies of 1998.  We’ll also have a little reminder that Hollywood released its fair share of crap thirty years ago.  Plus birthdays, an interview with Doogie, a WTHH gallery and a lot less of Bruce Willis singing.  But don’t worry.  Bruce will still be hanging around.


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