Movies of 1988 Bracket Game: Winner

Usually, I go ahead and put the winner of the bracket game in the title.  But this time, I am going to keep you guys in suspense just a little while longer because this one was close!  I spent a lot of time working on the Sequels of 1988 article that I posted today, so I didn’t check the votes very often yesterday, but every time I did check, it was a dead heat.  This morning, the victor was decided by one vote and I think the end result will come as a surprise to a lot of readers (approximately half of you based on the votes).  Which comedy was the readers’ favorite movie from thirty years ago?

After two weeks of voting, several close calls and a few surprises, it came down to A Fish Called Wanda vs. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?  Both of these movies were critical and commercial successes when they were released, but I’m not sure how relevant either of them is today.  While I expected both of these movies to perform well in the game, I did not expect to see either of them in the finals.  Of all the bracket games I have run here at the site, this is probably the one I was least accurate at predicting.

Anyway, let’s crown a winner.  With 52% of the votes, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? edged out A Fish Called Wanda for the victory.  Congratulations to Roger and all his friends both animated and otherwise.  This calls for a celebratory beverage.

So Who Framed Roger Rabbit joins our Movies of… Bracket Game winners.  Here’s our Hall of Fame to date:

  • 1985 – Back to the Future
  • 1986 – Aliens
  • 1987 – Raising Arizona
  • 1988 – Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
  • 1995 – The Usual Suspects
  • 1996 – Fargo
  • 1997 – Boogie Nights
  • 1998 – ???

Wow, Robert Zemeckis sure is well represented here!

As I wrap this up, I want to thank all of you for playing along.  As you probably surmised, we’re only halfway done here.  For the next couple of weeks, Daffy Stardust will be taking over as readers weigh in on the cinematic offerings of 1998.  It was another solid year with some tough choices for you to agonize over.  So be sure to come back daily to keep your favorite movie in the game!




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  1. I am one of those for whom this is a bit of a surprise, as every time I checked yesterday A Fish Called Wanda was ahead, although the vote did tighten through the day. I guess some people have a thing for rabbits. 🙂


  2. Surprised. Although in some ways I’m not. While, to me anyway, Wanda holds up better, part of that might come from my bias towards Python stuff. Then again, I know a few people who aren’t fans of John Cleese or Monty Python in general. A common complaint many of them seem to have is that the Pythons are fixated on obscure humor that only appeals to the intellectuals or that their humor is too dry and doesn’t hold up that well. I don'[t agree with either argument.


    • Python isn’t for everyone. After discovering Holy Grail, I made my dad sit down and watch it. He made it through about 10 minutes and declared it to be too silly for him. Mindy doesn’t care for them either. I would argue that Wanda is more mainstream than typical Python. But I know some people put off by the stuttering and animal killing. Comedy is subjective. For me, Wanda is hilarious. The reason I didn’t expect it to make it all the way to the finals was that I thought the movie was kind of forgotten. I fully expected Die Hard to crush it.


  3. WFRR? is one of the great example of “Movie Magic”. Some of it may have dated over the years, but you really do believe that Bob Hoskins (who should have been nominated) is conversing with a cartoon Rabbit and his buxomy Wife. It’s a movie made of… magic.

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