Park Hopping with Daffy Stardust part 6

Well if you were hanging on the edge of your seat to find out if I was going to decide to hit Animal Kingdom next, the title card for today’s video serves as a bit of a spoiler, doesn’t it? Join me as I take a half-assed swipe at visiting Walt Disney World’s fourth theme park, enjoying a couple of dark rides and taking in a little liquid sustenance at the Nomad Lounge. Cracks begin to show in my armor this time around, as I name the thing that has been bugging me for most of the day. Will I deal with the problem or just push on through? What would you do?


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  1. I haven’t been to Animal Kingdom since Pandora opened, so I can’t offer my own opinion. But most of the Disney fans I know found the river ride severely disappointing. Like “I don’t know why they bothered”, “Don’t waste your time”, “Not worth it” level of disappointed.

    It certainly looks pretty and I like riding in boats. But I have yet to hear anyone ask for the ride to be longer. I think more animatronics would help.


    • Wow, I haven’t heard any of that. While I have heard some criticisms of the ride’s length and lack of story-like scenes, most responses I have heard have been mildly positive. I definitely liked the ride better this time than I did the first time, which might have to do with knowing what to expect. It might also have to do with the chance to be off of my feet because of the toe which was only beginning to cause me problems. The fact that I had a FastPass again was another point in favor of this particular experience vs those I’m sure other people have had. I definitely wouldn’t recommend waiting 40+ minutes for this, but if the wait is minimal it is truly beautiful.


      • The one person who was the most vocal in his displeasure really surprised me because more often than not, he’s a “pixie duster”. He’s a DVC member and refers to me as a traitor any time he sees my Universal mug. He went a couple of times last year and overall he was under-whelmed with all of the new offerings in Animal Kingdom. He and his family intensely disliked Rivers of Light. They thought Pandora was pretty and Flights of Passage was good, but thought it should have been better given the time and money that went into the land. I think he said they walked on to the River ride and wondered why they even bothered.

        I was very surprised to hear this much negativity coming from the guy cause he’s usually Captain Disney. Another coworker is probably the most Disney obsessed person I know. She’s planning to relocate her family to Orlando and has gone so far as to sell her house because she wants to be “closer to the magic”. They loved Pandora overall but thought the river ride was “a waste of time”. Again, I don’t think a wait was involved. They, ahem, uh… they don’t wait in lines. No comment on my coworkers’ methodology except to say I wouldn’t do the same thing.

        shrug Like I said, I have no first-hand experience to base an opinion on. It looks pleasant enough. I wouldn’t wait more than 10 minutes to ride it, but if it was a walk on I doubt I’d have any complaints.


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