Weekly Recap: Roger Rabbit Wins, Another Game Begins

It’s bracket game season!  This week, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? joined our Nostalgia Hall of Fame as readers selected the animated feature as their favorite movie of 1988.  It was an outcome I don’t think most of us saw coming.  My initial pick to win it all was Die Hard.  In fact, I was so confident of a Die Hard victory that I was kind of bummed that this year’s game would end so predictably.  But the genre-defining action movie got knocked out in the semi-finals.  There were a few other movies I thought had an outside shot.  Roger Rabbit was among the dark horse contenders.  I’d have been genuinely shocked if Working Girl or Twins had won.  The message, of course, is that you never know for sure which way readers will go and the only way to shape the outcome is to come back and cast your vote every day.

We’ve got another bracket game going on celebrating the movies of 1998.  Let’s take a look at what else you may have missed.

Daffy Stardust has taken over bracket game duties for our second game of the month.  We’re still early in the contest, so it’s not too late for you to help pick the winner.  Here are the matches so far:

Those brackets are done and the polls have closed, but you can still read Daffy’s write-ups with interesting takes on some memorable movies from twenty years ago.  If you’re actually looking to cast a vote, today’s contest remains active:

Tying into the 1998 theme, Jeffthewildman came up with a list of his favorite albums of the year.  And I actually owned one of them!  Longtime readers know that this is a rare occurrence for me as my musical tastes are terribly under-developed.

Before we leapt forward a decade, I took one last look at the movies of 1988.  The bracket games select 16 of the best and most memorable (or at least popular) movies of a long-ago year.  That can create the impression that movies were better in the past than they are today.  While that premise is open to debate, I offer a Worst to First look at the year in sequels.  If you ever need a reminder that crappy movies are nothing new, you can count on sequels to reinforce the point.  Most years, there is at least one movie in the bunch that offers some redemption but that was not the case in 1988.  The sequels ranged from wretched to watchable.

And now, let’s switch gears to celebrity birthdays.  Here’s a rundown of all the birthdays Jestak covered at the site this week:

We have representatives of SCTV and the Disney Channel, an NFL quarterback, a pioneering African-American filmmaker, a resident of 227, a renowned dancer and choreographer, the undisputed First Lady of the musical comedy stage, the creators of Michael Myers and the hottest ticket on Broadway, a Golden Girl, the latest addition to the good guys of the Star Wars saga, a Guardian of the Galaxy, an actor turned Oscar-winning director and an Oscar-winning giant, a legendary country music singer with her own theme park, one of the siblings from Full House, the director of Help!, the visionary creator of my favorite TV show, Dr. McCoy, the Quicksilver who wasn’t killed off, a Mensa member and archer who also happens to act in her spare time, an L.A. lawyer, an Inhuman, the assistant manager of Dunder-Mifflin and Jughead’s dad.

Since we had a birthday for a recent WTHH subject, that meant Skeet Ulrich got his own gallery.  Check it out if you want to see a lot of Skeet.

The Movieline article this week was a profile on Neil Patrick Harris from the January 1998 issue of the magazine.  This was at a time when Harris was appearing in movies like Starship Troopers in an effort to distance himself from his TV image on Doogie Howser.  Also, Daffy Stardust completed his whirlwind tour of Walt Disney World with stops at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  If you’re wondering how he pulled off all four parks in one day, you’ll find out in the last video that being an Orlando Commando is a dangerous game.  Warning: That last video can be tough to watch if you suffer from Podophobia.

Finally, Kevthewriter sat through a Netflix show based on a YouTube channel.  Sorry, Miranda, this hater will not back off.  But my kids are fans.

That’s a pretty full week, doncha think?  Let’s cap it off with something from the one album I bought in 1998, Garbage 2.0.

Next Week: Things get heated in the Movies of 1998 bracket game, another week’s worth of celebrity birthdays, and the sequels from twenty years ago


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  1. And remember, Tuesday morning we get the announcement of this year’s Oscar nominations! I’ve been making efforts to catch up with the possible nominees prior to this announcement, having seen about 15 movies over the last six or seven weeks, but there will certainly be more to see after Tuesday comes and goes. Once my duties on the current bracket game come to a close you’ll start to see some heavy Oscars coverage from me here at LeBlog!

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  2. Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten.


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