Movies of 1998 Bracket Championship Round!: Out of Sight Vs. The Big Lebowski

Well, here we are in the championship round and despite some mild upsets along the way, we’ve pretty much got the pair of movies remaining that I thought we’d have. This pairing might have been surprising at another site, but knowing our readers as I do, I was pretty sure this is where we’d end up. By this point we’ve done a basic rundown on how these movies got made, some of the music they used, one of their supporting players, and what the reaction was when they were released. You guys know a lot about what we’re looking at so I’m not going to jaw your ear off at this stage. Instead, we’ll just enjoy a couple of clips from the movies in question. You probably already know which one you’re voting for anyway. Let’s look!

First up is the scene that establishes the primary conflict of Steven Soderbergh’s Elmore Leonard adaptation Out Of Sight as George Clooney gets into and then out of a car trunk with Jennifer Lopez.

It’s an alternately exciting, clever, and sexy scene, with some nice character-establishing dialogue.

While the scene I’m showing you from The Big Lebowski is just one of its Chandler-esque bends (and is NSFW, by the way), it’s notable for the straight-faced wonderfully eccentric performances. Julianne Moore in particular creates some humor simply through character work here.

It’s a good scene – and thorough.

Well it’s time to vote on our champion. Both are from well-known directors, are crime-related and both have retained fans twenty years after their initial release. Vote here and tell us what you love about your choice in the comments section.


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  1. So I see The Dude is abiding so far.

    Tricky choice. I went for out Of Sight by a hair. Mainly, because if I were to sit down and rank the films of the year Out Of Sight would take the second slot and Lebowski would take the third. But if Lebowski does win, cool.


  2. These are both good movies. My vote goes to Out of Sight which I believe is as under-rated as Lebowski is over-rated. The Dude will probably win and that’s perfectly acceptable.


  3. While I do prefer The Big Lebowski, one thing’s for sure – Out of Sight definitely has a much better poster up top here. Even the version that became its DVD cover is better than the cheap looking and uncreative poster for Lebowski up top. The cover for the soundtrack with Bridges and Moore would have been better, but might have led to people thinking her role was bigger than it is.

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    • The poster for THE BIG LEBOWSKI was a take-off on a poster style that was popular at that time, mainly for rap albums.

      I went with THE BIG LEBOWSKI, by a nose. Both movies are frickin’ great.


  4. Voting for Out of Sight here. For me, as a fan of both the Coens and of Elmore Leonard, this one comes down to being absolute cream-of-the-crop Elmore Leonard adaptation, against not-quote-peak Coen Brothers.

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  5. New plan for the weekend: re-visit “The Big Lebowski”. (oh, and watch some sports thingy.)

    La Lopez and Mr. Clooney in that trunk just sizzle!!!!

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