Movies of 1998 Bracket Game Champion: The Big Lebowski

I don’t think it’s much of a surprise that the Coen brothers’ meandering slacker era take on western and Raymond Chandler tropes, The Big Lebowski came out on top in our 1998 movies bracket game. After all, I’m not aware of any of these other films inspiring widespread fan devotion nearly to the level that the Dude and his friends have, even resulting in the satirical establishment of an associated religion based on the Jeff Bridges character’s life philosophies, “Dudeism.”

Let’s take a look at some of the fan art that has placed the Dude into spots of honor –

Jeffrey Lebowski has been identified as the ultimate expression of humankind as imagined through the work of Leonardo Da Vinci.

He has, of course, been associated with the tenets of eastern philosophies and this prayer rug does really tie the whole room together.

His connection with late night rumination and the traditions of Chandler-esque heroes has seen him placed into iconic imagery of twentieth century Americana.

And of course, since Christianity is the dominant religion of western peoples, he and his fellows have been imagined as fulfilling some part of that world view.

And where there is faith and loyalty, there will also be the unfortunate blasphemers, as is reflected by this inappropriate elevation of the Jesus character.

By the way, Dudeism is definitely into the whole brevity thing, insisting on identifying all of its adherents equally. For instance, this is from the official website:

..the term “dude” is commonly agreed to refer to both genders. Most linguists contend that “Dudette” is not in keeping with the parlance of our times.

Whatever your approach to the teachings of the Dude, be it the consumption of a white russian, rolling a few balls, or a few other things…just be sure to abide.


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  1. LOL. Well, that made the whole thing worthwhile even if my favorite movie of the year had to settle for second place.

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  2. Very nice. How about doing 1978?


    • The year I was born.


    • I am going to put a pin in that idea. I’m not ready to jump into another bracket game right away. But after a little time has passed, I think we could revisit the concept. 1978 was a good year. I know you and I are big fans of Donner’s Superman which is reason enough in my book. You also get Grease, Animal House, The Deer Hunter, Halloween… and that’s just look at the top 10 grossers. That could be fun.

      Anyone else interested?


      • Right now my blog time is pivoting towards the Oscars coverage that will start ramping up this coming week. I’ve now seen all of the Best Picture nominees, but I still have to see a few of the more random performance nominees.

        I made the mistake of watching Boss Baby because A) it was on a streaming service I’m already paying for, so I didn’t have to pay extra to see it, and B) “hey, how bad could it be?”

        Well, while there are a couple of decent laughs and some visually creative moments, there are also some stunningly stupid plot holes and ridiculous ideas in the movie…and I’m usually NOT the person pointing those sorts of things out. I’m pretty good at taking movies on their own terms. This one is just dumb and thinks we won’t notice or maybe that we won’t care. It’s a bad nomination and evidence that the voting rules for this category should be changed again.


        • I’m thinking Movies of 1978 could be our version of March Madness. We can give the format a rest for the month of Feb.

          I watched Boss Baby because my youngest asked me to. It barely exceeded my low expectations. I’ve certainly seen worse. I was surprised by the Oscar nomination.


        • The Oscars telecast is on March 4th, so maybe either pick up with 1978 on the morning of the 5th to give it its own space or just go ahead and start on the 1st and let the beginning of the month have high activity.


        • I will probably have to hold off until I get the Razzie thing posted. So I will pencil this in for the back end of March.

          If any other contributors want to write-up anything related to the 1978 theme, you’ve got about 6 weeks to do so! 😉


        • By the way, the Sequels of 1998 article is running late. But it’s still coming. Got a lot of blogging to do in February!


        • Is the sequels of 98 article dead?


        • Nope. Just late. I am going to put some work into it this weekend and hopefully put it out next week. Of course I have been telling myself this for the last couple of weeks. January has been crazy because of a work-related project. But that’s winding down so I should be able to finish the Sequels article soon.


      • 1978 was a big year for Vietnam-related movies—you had Coming Home and Go Tell the Spartans along with The Deer Hunter—and it was the year of Bakshi’s animated Lord of the Rings.


  3. Also, it inspired this…note how the rug ties the machine together!

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  4. One of the best things to come out of this bracket was that it made me rewatch A Simple Plan again, for the first time in many years. I loved it then upon release, and I still love it now. I’m glad to report it holds up very well. It was just a shame it had to fall out of the bracket right away, but it wouldn’t have won against Lebowski anyway. Suddenly I miss Bill Paxton all over again….

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