Advanced Chemistry

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!  It’s the perfect time to snuggle up with your favorite romantic movie.  Preferably with someone with whom you share great chemistry, but even if you are watching Pretty Woman by yourself for the 100th time, at least you know the actors on screen will be vibing off one another.  On-screen chemistry is unpredictable and it can’t be faked.  Actors either have it or they don’t.  Sometimes real life couples fizzle on the big screen whereas seemingly mismatched pairings click.  In this article from the February 1998 issue of Movieline magazine, actors and actresses were asked who they thought they would have great chemistry with.

Claire Danes: “There’s just something about me and Leo [DiCaprio]. We both recognized it on Romeo & Juliet, and we definitely plan on exploring it further in another movie.

Andie MacDowell: “I think we need some chemistry equality in Hollywood. You see so many older actors with younger babes. So why not put me with Leonardo DiCaprio? It’s only fair.”

Leonardo DiCaprio: “I always thought I would have great chemistry with Anjelica Huston because she’s such a great actress.”

Ashley Judd: “One could only hope for James Dean. Since he’s not around, I’d say Al Pacino. We starred in Heat together, but that could just be the beginning.”

Janeane Garofalo: “You know who I suspect I might have good chemistry with because he’s really funny? David Duchovny. Hey, he could be funny. Like, I would have to be standing right next to him to pick up the right vibe. It would be a chemistry experiment.”

John Travolta: “Debra Winger and I had great chemistry in Urban Cowboy. She’s not the actress anyone thought I would have the best chemistry with, but we really had something going on on-screen. Certain qualities just meshed. I think we should work together again.”

Kelly Preston: “Who else but my husband John Travolta? I was almost cast opposite him in Kyra Sedgwick’s part in Phenomenon. It got down to three of us, but the casting people had a big problem with me and Johnny being married.”

John Cusack: “I think Uma Thurman and I would look pretty good on a poster together.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar: “This requires no thought. It has to be John Cusack. I loved him in Say Anything…, Grosse Pointe Blank. I think he’s the cutest thing going.”

Steven Seagal: “I think I would have made beautiful movies with Audrey Hepburn. No one thinks of me as a romantic leading man, but I really am quite gallant. Above any other woman, Hepburn would have been a good match for me.”

Neve Campbell: “I’m gonna pick Ralph Fiennes, because when I saw The English Patient I could only sigh and wish it was me up there, in Kristin Scott Thomas’s place.”

Wesley Snipes: “Angela, Angela, Angela Bassett, of course. We had great chemistry in Waiting to Exhale, but we only had a few scenes together. I’d like to star in a love story with her one day.”

Angela Bassett: “Laurence Fishburne. I made What’s Love Got to Do With It with him and when we were in a scene together, I felt there was just a palpable chemistry. He makes me melt. There is no denying he is one of the sexiest men around. Period. He’s just very masculine, but underneath there’s a soft spot.”

Michael Douglas: “I only wish I could have starred in a movie with Barbara Stanwyck. She had great sex appeal. The wonderful thing about Stanwyck was that she was very sexy and an elegant lady at the same time. We could have made some great films together.”

Walter Matthau: Let’s just say Sophia Loren, my costar from Grumpier Old Men, is some kind of woman. Not only is she bright, but she’s funny and perceptive. She has all the same characteristics that I like in Jack Lemmon, except that she has big knockers.”

Jack Lemmon: “I’d like to work with Jane Fonda, although no leading lady could have better chemistry with me than the first woman I shared the big screen with, Judy Holliday in It Should Happen to You. She was just sensational.”

Jennifer Aniston: “Of course I’d be great with my boyfriend Tate Donovan. We’re looking for something to do together and not just because we’re going out. I think we could just be so cute together.”

Halle Berry: “Denzel Washington. And we’d have to star together in a love story, absolutely.”

Winona Ryder: “You know, I’m not so sure anymore. I think Daniel Day-Lewis and I had good chemistry in The Crucible. I’d love to work with him again.”

Sandra Bullock: “Keanu Reeves and I had such great chemistry in Speed. You just know from the moment you see us up on the screen that we will get together. When I play the tape at home I hit the pause button on the VCR when I get to a close scene and I scream, ‘You see the way he’s looking at me? It’s The Look!’ We should really work together again.”

Richard Gere: “Julia Roberts. It worked wonderfully in Pretty Woman. We’re always looking for things to do together in the future, even though the Pretty Woman sequel didn’t work out.”

Mel Gibson: “Rene Russo and I have always had great screen chemistry together, whether it was in Lethal Weapon 3 or Ransom. So I’m happy we’re doing Lethal Weapon 4 together.”

Meg Ryan: “It has to be my husband Dennis Quaid. Just look at him. Just look at us together. We’ve worked together on a few movies, and I think we just look right together. Otherwise, Tom Hanks and I have great chemistry. We don’t know why, but we just have it.”

Sigourney Weaver: “Two words: Mel Gibson.”

Alicia Silverstone: “Daniel Day-Lewis, Daniel Day-Lewis! I just love his work and think he is soooooo incredible. We would absolutely be great in a movie together.”

Dennis Quaid: “Of course, my wife Meg Ryan. When I work with her, the chemistry is phenomenal. Electric.”

Noah Wyle: “Gena Rowlands. She’s my favorite because she’s one of the most incredible actresses around. Why not think you would have good chemistry with the very best?”

Rosie O’Donnell: “What about me and Tommy, as in Tom Cruise? Just a suggestion.”

Dustin Hoffman: “Oh, it must be Sharon Stone. I know somewhere right now there is a Hollywood movie executive saying, ‘Hmmm, they’re together in Sphere, but not really together, if you know what I mean. Hey! I know. Let’s put Sharon Stone and Dustin Hoffman together in a love story.'”

Tori Spelling: “Definitely I wish I could have starred with Montgomery Clift. I love his style of acting, which is so natural. He’s got a very innocent, sexy quality to him that’s so rare.”
Margaret O’Donnell is a Chicago-based freelance writer.


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