Completing Oscar: The Missing Nominees of the Last Nine Years

I wrote the original version of this article in early 2016 without giving much thought to updating it, but in retrospect – duh – of course it’s a natural subject to review, at least as long as the Academy continues to leave their Best Picture category short of ten participants. So, if you read the article when it was first posted you can feel free to skip down to where I cover the last couple of years. Obviously, I’ll be super happy for readers new or old to take in the article in its entirety.

Back in 2009 the people who run the Academy Awards decided that in the interest of widening their net and drawing in a greater variety of nominees and television audience members they would increase the number of motion pictures nominated for the Best Picture category. For sixty-five years the Academy had been nominating exactly five movies for this greatest of all film awards, but there had been complaints about the accessibility of the nominees from laypeople. And let’s face it, studio executives had no problem with the idea of promoting a few more films or having a better chance of getting their names attached to something as prestigious as an Oscar nominated film. So it was all systems go. But have they succeeded in transforming the award in the way they’d hoped?

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