What the Hell Happened to Linda Fiorentino?

Linda Fiorentino – The Last Seduction – 1994

Today is Linda Fiorentino’s 60th birthday!  To celebrate the former femme fatale’s big day, I have revamped her “What the Hell Happened” article.  To date, this is the fifth most-viewed entry in the series.  Recently, it has been among the most popular articles on the site, so I wanted to punch it up a little and try to make a good impression on all those people who want to find out why Fiorentino wasn’t in Men in Black 2.

I plan to spend some time going back and cleaning up or updating older articles for a while.  I won’t necessarily tie the updates to the subject’s birthday.  That’s just how this one worked out.

via “What the Hell Happened to Linda Fiorentino?”


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  1. 60 years old? That means Linda Fiorentino was knocking on 40 during her “imperial phase”. If she had managed to keep her momentum going, she would have definitely been an exception, as most actresses are already on their way to either (mostly) supporting roles or oblivion by that age.


    • I noticed Jestak’s article had her listed as 58. Apparently the year of her birth is in dispute.


    • It’s pretty safe to say that at this point, Linda’s career is officially over. Her career essentially ended back in 2002, which is 16 years ago. She did however have a film role in 2009 in a little seen independent film; however, she hasn’t even had television roles in nearly two decades.

      Given Linda’s age, she might theoretically be able to land “grandmother” and “widow” roles. But those are relatively few and would be likely given to actors with a better track record of being cooperative and who have been onscreen within the last decade or so.


    • Rene Russo is another exception to the rule as she was 35 when she started making movies and near and well past 40 during her “peak years” (1992-2005).


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