FastPass Frenzy – Daffy Does Disney

This is it! The final few hours of my Spring Break 2018 trip to Walt Disney World. After spending most of the trip lazing around from place to place, I finally get a burr in my saddle and start cramming in as much stuff as I can before I have to leave the Magic Kingdom. […]


Magic Kingdom Kapers – Daffy Does Disney

With my trip winding to a close with a final half day at the Magic Kingdom prior to my flight home, I take advantage of a 7 AM extra magic hour to enjoy some of the more (ahem) traditional attractions on offer before digging into the more popular rides. You may, in fact, be outright […]

Return of the Movies – Daffy Does Disney

The Disney parks fan community at large generally considers Disney’s Hollywood Studios a half-day park at the very least, and even a park worth skipping outright. So why would I make the trek there two times over the course of my six day April trip? That’s not an unfounded question. What it really comes down […]

Morning at Wilderness Lodge – Daffy Does Disney

  Join me as I take a morning off from sprinting into the Walt Disney World parks and spend some time in one of the very popular deluxe resorts on property. The Wilderness Lodge isn’t quite as easy to simply stumble into as many of the other popular deluxe resorts. If you want to visit […]

Dinosaurs and Banshees – Daffy Does Disney

Watch me experience a couple of firsts, including one that I hadn’t anticipated, as my day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom continues.

It’s Kind of a Zoo – Daffy Does Disney

Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, having opened on Earth Day in 1998. Since the beginning the park has been fighting the perception that it’s just a zoo with a few rides.     Me thinks they doth protest too much. When you consider that the park opened without the planned “Beastly Kingdom” […]

Having a Blast at Disney Springs! – Daffy Does Disney

After a pretty rough start to the third day of my trip, things really took a turn for the better when I made my way over to Disney Springs for a couple of my more hotly anticipated new experiences. In addition to a little window shopping, I had a ticket for the new Star Wars […]

Terror in Hollywood – Daffy Does Disney

  Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a park in massive flux at the moment, but it’s also a park that still has some remaining appeal as it’s being overhauled. Now I wouldn’t recommend anybody spend a non-park hooping ticket here, but there’s a good argument to be made currently that it’s a great place to spend […]

Dinner at Flying Fish – Daffy Does Disney

Okay, so if you read my preview article for this trip and are somehow crazy enough to have devoted any of it to memory, you might remember that I had planned on having dinner on my Epcot day at the table service location in the Living Seas pavilion, Coral Reef. Well, just a couple of […]

Frozen Treats – Daffy Does Disney

This trip actually turned out to be pretty light on the Epcot, with just a little more than a half day in the second Walt Disney World park. Sunday’s video saw me hitting some of the best of Future World, today’s sees me wandering into a few of the pavilions of World Showcase. I have […]

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