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Why’d it Bomb? The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Back in October, I wrote a couple of articles about how the Frozen phenomenon kind of left the other modern animated Disney movies in the dust.  For the first article, I focused on the merchandising aspect of Disney and didn’t really talk about what I thought was really interesting, which was not only that the other movies lacked merchandise but it felt like Frozen was the only one that really had any staying power while the other movies were pretty much forgotten after a while. In the second article, I talked more about my feelings towards this (as well as the lack of merch for the other films) but I feel like I might have underestimated the popularity of some of the movies I mentioned in that article as I later realized that some of the movies that “used to be popular but have been forgotten” I mentioned in the article (like Up or Inside Out) aren’t really forgotten and are still pretty popular. However, today were going to talk about a Disney movie whose merchandise sold pretty well yet Disney still found to be a disappointment because hardly anyone went to see the movie itself.

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Kevthewriter Catches Up With the Movies of 2016

There are many movies I didn’t get the chance to see in theaters back in 2016. Most I wanted to see but I just never got around to it and one I’ll admit I just saw to make fun of. But what did I think was the best of the lot? What was the worst? Let’s find out!

Also, for this list, I’ll mention any movie I didn’t see in the theater but checked out later so, even if I’ve mentioned it already, I’ll probably mention it here. I will also mention movies that technically came out this year but were supposed to come out last year that I did see in theaters.

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Why Is Hollywood Casting Big Stars in Little Parts?


Kevthewriter has a bone to pick with big name actors being cast in itty bitty roles.  Is this a case of a Hollywood bait and switch or just cool cameos?

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Why’d it bomb? Epic (2013)


Hey, remember Epic? Y’know, that one movie about the little fairy people from a few years ago who kicked the bug people’s butt? Anyone?

Yeah, I’m going to guess no one remembers it existed. Just one look at the message boards for its IMDB page have shown that hardly anyone posts on its board anymore. It was also a box office disappointment. Technically, thanks to its worldwide gross (and no doubt DVD/Blu-Ray sales), it was modestly successful but, domestically, it only made $7 million more dollars than its budget, as it made $107 million dollars on a $100 million dollar budget. But why was it such a disappointment? Let’s find out!

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Are Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, and Bradley Cooper Stuck in a Rut?


Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey have more similarities than you might think. They both started off as promising up-and-coming actors (whose first big movie was, coincidentally enough, Dazed and Confused) but, by the end of the 90’s, it was clear that their film choices weren’t the best. This continued in the 2000’s as they kept going from stinker to stinker. However, they both had a career resurgence in the early 2010’s, even garnering some Oscar nominations. Yet recently they seem to have fallen back on old habits, as most of the movies they made in 2016 didn’t get good reviews. This begs the question, are their careers stuck in a rut?

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Top 5 Minor Characters in 2016


Kevthewriter picks some memorable minor characters from last year’s movies.

When we go to see a movie, we usually remember the main characters who populated the screen but sometimes we remember the minor characters who made the most of their limited screentime. Every year we’ve had characters like this and 2016 is no different and I’m here to count them all! Let’s begin!

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KevtheWriter on Fall/Winter 2016 Movies


Happy New Year, everyone!  KevtheWriter is back to share his thoughts on the end of the year movie offerings.  He also provides his lists for the best and worst movies of 2016.

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Whatever Happened to Nikki Blonsky?


NBC’s Hairspray Live premieres tonight. I have to be honest I’m surprised they decided to remake Hairspray again (technically) considering the 2007 version is barely 10 years old but I guess they needed a version for the youngsters who don’t even know that John Travolta and Amanda Bynes exist.

Actually, is it me or have most of Hairspray 2007’s cast members careers cooled down A LOT since then? Not only have Amanda Bynes and John Travolta’s personal lives become more publicized than their actual film choices lately (though, in Amanda’s case, that’s because she’s no longer acting anymore) but Christopher Walken and Queen Latifah, who seemed to pop up all the time in theaters back in the 2000’s, seem to have to stuck to doing independent films for the most part and rarely pop up in something that goes to theaters nowadays. Then there’s the star of the movie, Nikki Blonsky. It seemed like she was the next big thing (no pun unintended) but she’s rarely acted since and, when she has, she’s stuck to independent films and TV work. She also started working in a salon. But why didn’t she become more famous?

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Review: Rules Don’t Apply (2016)


Poor Warren Beatty. The man hasn’t made a movie since Town & Country all the way back in 2001 and now he’s come back 15 years later for a passion project he’s wanted to do ever since the 70’s and…no one saw it. When I went to see it in the theater, I was literally the only person there and it was the pre-show. I also work at a movie theater and, when I took tickets one time, only three people went to see it. It seems that, unfortunately, the world has forgotten about Warren.

That being said, I wish I could say this is an underrated movie, an instant classic, and it’s a shame more people aren’t going to see it. I want to see the guy, after having hid out for all these years, come back with a great movie, maybe even a masterpiece. Unfortunately, however, his new movie isn’t that great. To be fair, though, it’s not awful, it’s just…uneven.

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Why’d it Bomb? Entourage (2015)


At one point in time, Entourage was a popular TV show with critical acclaim and Emmy nods. As time went on, however, the show got less and less popular. It got to the point where it seems like no one really cared when it got a movie, as it barely made any money at the box office. In fact, if it wasn’t for worldwide numbers, it basically bombed.  In America, it made $32 million on a $30 million budget and, even when you put in worldwide numbers, it made $49 million on a $30 million budget. If we’re being generous, Entourage was a disappointment at the box office in not an outright bomb.  Why did it fail to duplicate the success of another long-running HBO show adapted to the big screen, Sex and the City??

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Whatever Happened to Napoleon Dynamite?

Jon Heder and Jared Hess

Back in 2004, Napoleon Dynamite became a phenomenon. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing stuff like “Gosh” and “Vote for Pedro”. After the movie became a hit, it seemed like its star, Jon Heder, and it’s director, Jared Hess, would go on to better things. But they were never really able to capitalize on Napoleon’s success and both of them have kind of faded into obscurity.

Whatever happened to them?

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Frozen Toys and Cultural Impact: Another Look at Modern Disney Merchandise and Movies

WDW - Frozen dolls

Recently, I wondered whether or not Frozen was the only recent animated movie that Disney mattered. It was just kind of a random thought I had really, as I was thinking one day, “y’know, ever since Disney’s bought Marvel and Star Wars and everything, it seems like the only animated movie they focus on is Frozen. I wonder if there’s any correlation to that?” and just sort of made a theory that they were mainly focusing on Frozen because their animated movies were no longer their only big franchise.  The original article sparked a conversation about movie merchandise that I would like to follow up on.

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Why’d it bomb? Bridget Jones’s Baby


Before you correct me, I know Bridget Jones’s Baby is technically a hit because, while it’s a box office bomb in America, it’s making a lot of money in other countries. However, I’m still counting this because, while it’s not bombing everywhere, I am kind of interested in counting down the ways Americans are ignoring it. So here we go!

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