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Daffy Stardust in Busch Gardens – 2017

Can it possibly have been four years since the summer of multiple Busch Gardens visits which I shared through blog posts here? Well, it doesn’t seem like it, but that’s how long it’s been. A week ago my family and I decided to take my nephew on his first trip to the theme park I grew up with and this time I was able to squeeze in a little bit of vlogging in the process. This certainly isn’t a complete tour of the place, but it should give any viewers who aren’t familiar with the park an idea of what the place is like. Come along for the ride, won’t you?


Jamestown Settlement with Daffystardust


This ‘Black Friday’ my family and I decided that instead of joining in the mad dash for great deals on holiday gifts, we’d take the day to enjoy one another’s company and take advantage of our proximity to some of the most important historical sites in the entire United States of America here in Eastern Virginia. If you’ve been reading with us here at LeBlog for a while you might remember last Christmas’ visit to Colonial Williamsburg or my several visits to the Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg. This time around, I’ll be sharing pictures and thoughts with you on the Jamestown settlement which is within easy driving distance of these other attractions.
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Colonial Williamsburg with Daffystardust

This holiday season the family and I decided to spend a few days in the historic district of Williamsburg, Virginia. Despite living in nearby Virginia Beach since I was seven years old, I had not visited this impressive recreation of 18th century life in thirty-four years. I guess it’s better than the people who live in New York City their entire lives without ever seeing the Statue of Liberty, but it is a shame I didn’t take better advantage of the opportunity while I was living so close to such a treasure. Our family trip this year has done a little to darken the fading traces of the picture of the place I had gathered as a ten year old.
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Busch Gardens Tampa: Wildlife and Wild Rides


Le Blog readers had the opportunity to follow me to my trips to the wonderful Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia this past summer. I grew up attending that park, but had never been to its sister park in Tampa, Florida. Never, that is, until this holiday season during my trip to Florida to see my brother’s family.

The two parks have a lot in common, but also have some key differences.
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An October Trip of Walt Disney World Firsts: Part 5


“First”#10: 2 Parks in 1 Day

Park hopping has never made much sense for me in my prior visits, and I didn’t pay the extra fee for it this time either. What does explain this particular first is that the “free” dining package we ended up selecting required at least a 2-day park ticket. Since we were attending the Halloween party on Sunday night, that meant we’d have to squeeze in a morning use of that extra park day. (That doesn’t seem like a good value, but I’ll be covering that in a future post) We decided to take four hours of our Sunday morning enjoying Animal Kingdom.

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Illuminights (and signs!!)


Illuminights is a series of evenings during the middle of the Summer season at Busch Gardens Williamsburg on which crowds are encouraged to hang out right until closing time through the promise of fireworks set to music. The fact that the name of this summer promotion sounds a lot like that of a more famous light show (EPCOT’s “Illuminations”) should not be surprising considering the fact that our group had just managed to miss BGW’s own food and wine festival (another EPCOT tradition), and had seen a fairy tale stage show there named “Entwined” (Tangled anyone?). The strategy appears to work for them though, because of my four trips to the park since acquiring my “Fun Pass” the last weekend of March, this was by far the most crowded.

This all sounds like a lot of grousing, so let me state right out front, if my other posts haven’t communicated the fact clearly, that I love Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Its combination of strong theming, beautiful grounds, strong selection of thrill and family rides, and generally excellent shows and food make it a top notch regional park. I grew up attending Busch Gardens once every few years as a kid. In fact, on my first visit, the park’s iconic coaster The Loch Ness Monster was still under construction. I simply happen to believe that the park’s unique qualities should leave it above cheap comparisons with others.
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Daffystardust gettin’ lucky at Busch Gardens


Okay, now that I’ve got your attention with a provocative title, let me share with you how a little luck can end up turning a nervously anticipated theme park visit into a rousing success!
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Springtime for Daffy in Williamsburg

Last time I reported to you from Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia a lot of my emphasis was placed on the excellent thrill rides present there. I will definitely cover some of that this time, but some differences in this trip will also mean a shift in focus in my report.

Firstly, this Saturday’s foray in the Old Country was as a celebration of one of my best friend’s birthdays, which meant that we had a couple of pre-teens along for the ride. Also, since it’s almost May instead of just exiting the frigid parts of March, the fantastic floral beauty of the park was in full effect. Lastly, with no car trouble on the way there this time, we got to enjoy an almost complete 11 hour day! This meant a vey different experience.

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Getting my Coaster Fix

A December visit to Disney World has not sated my thirst for theme park fun, but merely heightened it. So I loaded up a few friends on Easter Saturday and we set off for one of the geographically closer parks at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. There were bumps along the way, but in the end my itch got scratched.

Disney World’s enormous set of parks and resorts is by far the leader in beautifully themed lands and immersive family fun, but on a smaller scale Busch Gardens in Williamsburg comes about as close as any other. In fact, for those who really enjoy top-notch roller coaster thrills, this is a less expensive option which offers gorgeous visuals and more intense rides.

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