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Movies of 1997 Bracket Game: Liar, Liar vs My Best Friend’s Wedding


Tired of all of the gritty, serious, award-winning movies we’ve been covering so far? Well, today should be the salve to that particular problem. It’s sort of our semi-official big budget mainstream comedy bracket and it features two of the biggest movie stars of the time in Jim Carrey and Julia Roberts. Both easily eclipsed the $100 million mark domestically and around $300 million worldwide. These hits came at particularly good times for both Carrey and Roberts.
Let’s talk about it!
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Comeback Kid: Sean Connery

Connery - Oscar

There are comebacks and there are COMEBACKS.  Sean Connery had an all-caps career resurgence in 1987 with his supporting role in The Untouchables.  People forget this now, but there was a time when Connery was considered box office poison.  Between his last Bond film (Diamonds Are Forever in 1971) and his Oscar-winning comeback, Connery spent the better part of two decades struggling with typecasting.  But one key role was all it took to put the former 007 back on top of the A-list.  It’s one of the most amazing comebacks in movie history.

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Comeback Kid: Vin Diesel

Diesel - Last Witch Hunter

Around the turn of the century, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s reign as the world’s biggest action hero appeared to be winding down.  The hunt was on for the next action star and for a time, it looked like Vin Diesel might be that guy.  Diesel’s star was on the rise and he had his pick of potential franchises.  Unfortunately, the actor did not choose wisely.  He bet on the wrong horse and ended up seeing his career cool off as a result.  Just a few years after his big break, Diesel seemed to be forgotten.

And then a weird thing happened.  The once arrogant actor returned to his discarded franchise.  He seemed humbled by the experience.  Strangely enough, both the franchise and Diesel’s career were reinvigorated by his return.  Since then, Diesel has returned to the spotlight.  He’s not A-list, but he is one of the stars of one of Hollywood’s biggest and most reliable action movie series.  Diesel is back in a position where he is one hit away from having a career outside of the Fast and Furious movies which is not something anyone would have predicted just five years ago

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Comeback Kid: Jamie Lee Curtis

Murphy - Trading Places

Over the course of a movie career, there are naturally ebbs and flows; peaks and valleys.  Looking back from a distance, it can be hard to remember when one of our favorite actors was up or down.  Today, Jamie Lee Curtis is mostly seen on TV commercials shilling yogurt that regulates your digestion.  She’s also the lone bright spot in the otherwise wretched Fox show, Scream Queens.  Going back over the course of her long career, Curtis has had several parts which could be considered comebacks.  But of them all, I think one stands out as the real thing.

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