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Lebeau and Daffy on Holiday Movies 2016


Merry Festivus, elves of LeBlog!

Each year is made up of a series of movie “seasons,” with every production company vying for box office dominance during these peak portions of the cinema calendar. Although there are 12 months in every year, movie theater attendance is, of course, way up during those times of the year when kids of all ages are out of school. Because of this, you’ll see most of the big event movies released in time for extended holiday periods.

Earlier this year, Lebeau and I sat down for a chat about the important releases and trends of the summer movie season, and this time we’ll be covering the same topic as it applies to what we’ve seen in November and December. Come along as we discuss the relative value of this holiday’s offerings and what it might mean for audiences and filmmakers long-term.

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Lebeau and Daffy on Summer Movies 2016

Summer movies

The kids are back in school which is a sure sign that the Summer Movie Season has drawn to an end. Traditionally, this is when the Hollywood studios release their big budget crowd pleasers. It’s the season of popcorn movies. It’s also a make or break period for the studios who are betting big on their summer releases. As this summer movie season comes to an end, I thought I’d check in with Daffy Stardust for a recap.

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