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How I Became a Director: Detroit


It’s that time of year again! After the wonderfully rewarding experience we had on “The Actor’s Double Bill” last year, the folks at GASP Theatre Company are back with a new contemporary play to shock and delight audiences in North Carolina’s Triangle area.
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How I Became a Director: The Actor’s Double Bill


“Well, what I really want to do is direct!”

This is an old stand-by proclamation you used to hear during interviews with actors to the point that it became a joke. The implication is that the work of an actor is limited in its seriousness, authority, skill, and intellectualism. The actor in question appeared to be attempting to assert that he possessed these qualities, and if someone would just trust him to head up a project everyone would see what a great artist he was and how much he had to say.

It is an attitude that is certainly more prevalent in film than in theatre. It may also be motivated by a wish to have a turn telling other people where to stand and what to do rather than constantly being the one pushed from place to place and forced to fit your artistic expression into somebody else’s vision. It is not a phrase anyone has ever heard pass my lips, mostly because I have too much respect for the work of acting.
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How I Became a Mental Patient: “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”


The first time I posted here about one of my ventures into acting on the local scene, I attempted to use the article in part to explain why my output on the site had slowed in recent days, giving it the apologetic top title “What I’ve Been Busy With.” Another similarly titled article followed last year. Well, I’ve decided two things: 1) there’s no need to apologize for pursuing my first love and 2) The title doesn’t “pop” anyway. So I’m going with the “How I Became…” top title that accompanied my first article about a role in film.

Okay…so about this show…
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How I Became A Movie Zombie…


Acting is so often a very random experience. While there are companies and people who you definitely think you will work with again, some opportunities appear to pop up out of nowhere. Such was the case with my most recent foray into grownup pretending.

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How I Became a Witch Baiter: The Crucible


Daffystardust here, with a little post showing you a bit of how I’ve been spending my time over the past several weeks.

I am currently wrapping up rehearsals in Raleigh Little Theatre’s production of Arthur Miller’s dramatic masterpiece The Crucible. Some of you might have been required to read this in high school. I am playing the role of Thomas Putnam, a “well-monied” and influential citizen of Salem who helps encourage the events which spiral out of control into the notorious Salem witch trials.
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