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Who’s the Best Actor in Hollywood?

Bridges - White Squall

For the October 1996 issue of Movieline, eight of the magazine’s writers made a case for who they thought was the best actor working in movies at that time.  Some of these choices have stood the test of time better than others, but all of them are still reasonably well-respected today and all but one is still actively working.

I’m expecting lively debate in the comments section.

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Teri Hatcher: The Hunger

Hatcher - Heavens Prisoners

In 1996, Teri Hatcher was playing Lois Lane on “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”.  She also had the distinction of being the most downloaded image in the early days of the internet.  She had appeared in some movies prior to becoming famous, but when Stephen Rebello interviewed Hatcher for the October issue of Movieline magazine, she was trying to transition from TV into movies.  Unlike a lot of actresses Rebello had interviewed, Hatcher wasn’t shy about her ambition.

Note: The interview makes reference to a David Schwimmer called Dogwater.  When the movie was actually released, it was retitled Since You’ve Been Gone.

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Why’d it bomb? Bridget Jones’s Baby


Before you correct me, I know Bridget Jones’s Baby is technically a hit because, while it’s a box office bomb in America, it’s making a lot of money in other countries. However, I’m still counting this because, while it’s not bombing everywhere, I am kind of interested in counting down the ways Americans are ignoring it. So here we go!

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Movieline Cover Gallery 1998

The Dark Romance of James Toback


James Toback had a bad reputation.  The controversial writer-director was better known for his carousing than his filmography.  An expose in Spy Magazine portrayed Toback as a predatory pick-up artist more interested in sex than making movies.  In the October 1991 issue of Movieline magazine, Stephen Rebello asked Toback about his reputation as a drug addict and a womanizer.  They also discussed his friendship with Warren Beatty for whom Toback wrote the then up-coming feature, Bugsy.

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Connie Stevens: A Cricket in the House


This is an odd little feature from the October 1990 issue of Movieline magazine.  Charles Oakley goes on a tour of Connie Stevens’ house which she had recently rented to Mike Nichols for use in the movie Postcards From the Edge.  Postcards was based on Carrie Fisher’s novel of the same name which was a fictionalized account of her relationship with her mother.  Fisher’s mother is Debbie Reynolds, the first wife of singer Eddie Fisher.  Stevens was Fisher’s third of five wives and Carrie Fisher’s stepmom.  Awkward!

After a life spent in Tinseltown, Stevens was reinventing herself as a make-up mogul selling cosmetics on the Home Shopping Network.


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Is Frozen the Only Modern Disney Movie that Matters?


I don’t know about you but where I live Frozen, almost 3 years after it came out, is still inescapable. If you go into any store, you’re bound to run into some Frozen merchandise. Not only that but there always seem to be families (and sometimes childless adults) that seem to have some sort of Frozen thing with them (like a backpack or something).

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Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Recently, I looked at why Alice Through the Looking Glass bombed. This inspired me to see the movie and…let me tell you now, I really regret that. If you thought its predecessor was bad, this one makes it look like a complete and utter masterpiece by comparison!

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Spike Lee Does Not Bite

spike lee - girl 6

Joe Queenan interviewed Spike Lee for the October 1996 cover story of Movieline magazine.  If you have been reading the Movieline articles posted here, then you know that Queenan is a divisive figure.  He can be funny.  But he can also come across as arrogant and abrasive.  You could say the same about writer-director Spike Lee.  Both men come away from this interview clearly annoyed with one another.  I will be interested to see who readers side with, so let me know in the comments section.

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Heather Locklear: The Heather on the Hill


In 1996, Heather Locklear was starring on her third hit TV show, Melrose Place.  She was married to her second rock star husband, Richie Sambora.  And her first supporting role in a major motion picture, The First Wives Club, had been all but excised from the final cut.  In the October 1996 issue of Movieline magazine, Stephen Rebello had a refreshingly open conversation with the TV star.

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Movieline Cover Gallery 1997

Look Before You Leap!

Hanks - Bosom Buddies

TV actors want to be movie stars.  That’s a given.  But some of them are better suited to the small screen.  It’s a tricky prospect making the transition from TV to film.  A few actors have made it look so easy you forget their humble beginnings.  Other have wiped out spectacularly.  In the October 1996 issue of Movieline magazine, contributing writers Kevin Hennessey and Elaine Bailey examined some case studies in TV stars deciding when it was time to leave the show that made them famous.

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Starlog Archives: Steve Gerber on Howard the Duck

If last month’s Starlog feature on Howard the Duck left you wanting more, you’re in luck.  The October 1986 issue’s cover story was an interview with Howard’s creator, Steve Gerber.  While the photos included with the story are primarily from the then-current movie, the actual content of the article has more to do with Gerber’s work in comics.  When he discusses the big screen adaptation, Gerber remains mostly positive even if he says most of his suggestions were ignored.

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