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The Low Down on Superman Movies

Man of Steel

Zach Snyder’s 21st century take on Superman opens in theaters today.  The character, generally considered the first super hero as we know them today, is celebrating 75 years since his first appearance in Action Comics #1.  He helped to kick off the super hero movie genre which has become a dominant force at the box office in recent years.  And by this point, there have been enough Superman movies to form a mini-genre dedicated to the Man of Steel.

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The Low Down on the Alien Franchise


Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction, Prometheus, opens in theaters today.  To mark the occasion, I am looking back on one of the most beloved science fictions franchises in movie history.

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The Lowdown on Conan Movies

Last week, I was surprised to see that the 2011 version of Conan the Barbarian had been delivered to my mailbox thanks to Blockbuster.  Apparently, I had added it to my queue and forgotten to delete it when the reviews were atrocious.  It was nowhere near the top of my queue, but sometimes Blockbuster will go pretty deep down the list.  This was one of those times.

Part of the appeal of the Blockbuster program is that it offers the option of in-store exchanges.  I have a Blockbuster store 5 minutes from my house.  I considered just exchanging Conan unwatched for a movie I actually wanted to see.  But I have a blog to maintain.  I figured I might as well go ahead and watch the damn thing and write about.

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The Lowdown on Star Trek Movies Part 2

In Part 1, I covered the Star Trek movie franchise’s shaky start and its salvation with The Wrath Of Kahn.  In Part 2, I cover the follow-ups to the high point of the series. Read the rest of this entry

The Lowdown on Star Trek Movies Part 1

We were having such a good time talking about the early Star Trek films in the comments section of my review for The Captains, that I figured I would finally go ahead and write-up my thoughts on the series as a whole.

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The Lowdown on Jaws Rip-Offs

With Jaws 5, erm, I mean Shark Night 3-D opening this weekend, it’s time to look back at the history of movies that ripped off Jaws.

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The Lowdown on the Planet of the Apes Movies

When I heard they were rebooting the Planet of the Apes franchise again, I had low expectations.  What was left to do with the concept?  However, against all odds, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is getting strong reviews.  (I’ll resist the urge to say they finally made a monkey out of me.)  So, hey, why not celebrate by looking back at the long-running franchise!

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The Lowdown on Body Switching Movies


Yesterday, I posted a link to a promotion for the new body-switching comedy, The Change-Up.  In the promo, stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds make fun of body-switching comedies and admit that it’s kind of a stupid premise.  (Although according to Ry-Guy, it’s no more stupid than talking apes.)

The promo is hysterical.  If the reviews are any indication, it’s a lot better than the movie they are promoting.  But hearing the stars of a body-switching comedy openly say that it is a “f#cking stupid idea” gets you to thinking.  Is it?  A lot of movies have used it as a premise.  How well has the idea held up?

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