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Kings Island Winterfest 2017

After a twelve year hiatus, Kings Island has brought back the popular Winterfest event.  The holiday-themed celebration ran primarily through the 1980’s featuring live shows, ice skating and lots of seasonal treats.  I had never personally attended any of the previous incarnations of Winterfest, so when the park announced its return I was interested in checking it out.  As it so happens, we had an unseasonably warm holiday weekend, so it seemed like the perfect time to visit Kings Island.

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Fall Fun at Kings Island

KI Haunt Car

Warm, sunny Fall days are precious and not to be wasted.  We were supposed to have a rainy weekend and yesterday pretty much fit that bill.  But today turned out to be the perfect Fall day.  As it so happens, Mindy was car hunting so it was my job to entertain the kids.  If it had rained as predicted, we would have gone to the Museum Center for the new exhibit on Lego art.  But since it was sunny and Kings Island is still open, I figured I’d tuck that option away for the next rainy day.  Instead we spent one last day enjoying our local amusement park before the end of the season.

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Kings Island Passholder Preview Night

KI Gliders 4.17.15

This weekend was opening day at Kings Island.  The weather was beautiful.  The park has added two new family-friendly rides to its award-winning kids’ area.  But we weren’t there.  Why not?  Because as Gold Pass holders who renewed our passes last fall, we were invited to start the season a day early at Kings Island’s Passholder Preview Night!

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Kings Island: Opening Day 2013 Trip Report


Today was opening day at Kings Island.  After months of waiting, it’s always exciting to finally get to visit the park and kick off the new season.  Opening day can bring heavy crowds and sometimes there can be a few hiccups as the staff gets things up to speed.  But even with a few downsides, opening day is not to be missed.

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Kings Island: A Dad Looks Back

My brother and me at Kings Island as kids. I am not the one in the plaid pants!

Recently, I wrote about a spell of the Wintertime Blues.  Every year, Cabin Fever sets in and I can’t wait to get back to Kings Island.  Finally, spring has sprung and opening day is only 10 days away!

Writing the previous article prompted me to go back and read some of my previous trip reports.  Seeing the pictures from years past got me feeling nostalgic.  So before the new season starts, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane.

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Kings Island and the Wintertime Blues

funnel cake smiles

At some point every winter, the blues set in.  This year has been especially bad since it has been a cold one and I have been working extremely long hours.  Like a lot of people, I can’t wait for spring which seems just out of reach.  This time of year, I always look forward to the opening of our regional amusement park, Kings Island.

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Kings Island with the Kids – End of School Edition

Josie’s last day of school was Wed, May 30 which was a half-day.  We didn’t have anyone to watch her on Thursday.  So I figured I would use some vacation time and take the girls to Kings Island before it got hot and crowded.  As it turns out, we had a day and a half of light crowds and perfect weather.

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Kings Island Opening Day 2012

Today is opening day at Kings Island.  After an unseasonably warm winter, the park opened on a cold, rainy day.  Did that stop us from going?  No way!  Did we stay long?  Uh, no.  But we had a lot of fun in a very short time.

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Countdown to Kings Island 2012

Opening day is still a month away (April 28 to be exact).  It’s close enough to start getting excited but far enough away to feel like forbidden fruit.  With a month to go, I am starting my personal countdown.

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Kings Island Flashback

KI Carousel Night 4.17.15

It never fails.  This time of year, when it’s cold and I’m working long hours, I start longing for spring to arrive.  And the thing I look forward to the most is the opening of Kings Island.

When I was a kid, we went to Kings Island once a year every year.  There were no season passes back then, and Kings Island was an expensive day for most.  I come from a large family, so that was even moreso for us.  But, my grandpa worked for General Electric, so every summer on GE Day, my entire extended family went to the park.  It was packed shoulder to shoulder, hot as blazes and completely glorious.  Next to Christmas, it was usually the best day of the year.

These days, we have season passes.  I take my kids and we have a good time.  Can’t wait to go back for Kings Island’s 40th anniversary this year.  But I saw some old pictures from the park as I remember it from my youth, and I wanted to share. Read the rest of this entry

Kings Island Howl-O-Fest

I bought Josie’s first Kings Island season pass in 2009.  She was 4 years old at the time and her younger sister had just been born.  The idea was that during the summer, I could take Josie to the park while her mom stayed home with the baby.  Since then, Kings Island has been one of our special places.  Occasionally, others would come with us.  But more often than not, we had daddy/daughter days at Kings Island to ourselves.

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New at Kings Island in 2012: Soak City

Today, Kings Island announced their major new attraction for 2012 (the 40th anniversary of the opening of the park) would be an expanded water park renamed Soak City.  The current water park will double in size with a $10 million dollar investment that includes a second (and much larger) wave pool, a thrilling upgrade to their lazy river, sand volley ball courts, shady areas, 100 new lounge chairs, new trees, and cabanas.  Kings Island descibed the new complex as “state of the art” and said no other local park will be able to offer the same ammenities.

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Kings Island Trip Report 07/10/11

My wife has had it in her head that she needed to take her niece to Kings Island.  Once an idea gets into my wife’s head it ceases to be an idea and becomes an imperative.  Before you know it, the imperative that was once an idea becomes fact, so I find it best just to go along with my wife’s ideas.  Not that any arm twisting is required to get me to go to Kings Island.

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