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Review: The Theory of Everything



The biographical film has a pretty checkered history. Sometimes the real facts of a person’s life need only a little dramatic polishing to produce something truly entertaining and meaningful. Other times you can feel the filmmakers stretching to really fill out what should be a fascinating story because while the events or accomplishments may be enormously important, that doesn’t mean that they are very cinematic. Unfortunately, despite some truly wonderful and engaging elements, the new Stephen Hawking biopic too often falls into the latter category.

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Boardwalk Empire: Eldorado


Well, that was both great and depressingly predictable.

**Click below if you’ve seen the final episode of Boardwalk Empire we’ll have a chat about it.**
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Boardwalk Empire: Friendless Child

Steve-Buscemi-in-Boardwalk-Empire-season-5-episode-3 This is where we have been heading all season. Our central character humbled, let down, and disappointed, but with a barely recognizable path to redemption. Will Nucky Thompson be the dirty, testy, unscrupulous man who we have seen veer the path from seedy politician to a gangster in full? Or can we truly view him as a good man in the end?
**step beyond the break and I will submit you to conjecture. It’s too late for anything else.**
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Boardwalk Empire: The Devil You Know


When an ensemble piece wraps up, you can take some different approaches. You can try to wrap up each character’s story so you don’t leave frayed edges for your audience to tie up themselves. You can focus on an overall idea or theme, with the idea that is what is more important. But just because you’re doing one doesn’t mean you can’t do the other. Either way, you hope to do each character justice.
**If you haven’t seen this episode of Boardwalk Empire you will definitely want to wait on this article**
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Boardwalk Empire: King of Norway


HBO’s Boardwalk Empire took some definitive steps to the series’ endgame tonight. As is sometimes the case on this show, these story-changing moments come in such a sideways manner that we find ourselves wondering if they could possibly be true.

**This article will discuss important events from the most recent episode. There will be spoilers.**
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Boardwalk Empire: Cuanto


Violence stories very often trade in misdirection. It is one of their most reliable tricks. We think the killer is around the corner, but he’s really right behind us. HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, despite its devotion to historically accurate design and frequent forays into quiet character scenes, is, after all, a show about gangsters, so it will at times make use of these sorts of well-worn tropes.

**This article will discuss details of last night’s episode of Boardwalk Empire, complete with spoilers. Tread accordingly.**
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Boardwalk Empire: What Jesus Said


A lie is only useful if the person you are telling it to believes it. Or decides to believe it. This week on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, everybody seemed to be telling lies of the most worthless kind. In a series full of gangsters and politicians, this should come as no surprise, but the steady jaded refusal of this episode to let its characters solve their problems this way has to feel like a theme.

**click below if you’ve seen this episode of Boardwalk Empire, or just don’t mind quite a few spoilers**
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Boardwalk Empire: On Vacation at a different Boardwalk

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 2.35.11 PM

Yet again, a long weekend in Orlando is going to conflict with my weekly post about Nucky Thompson and Boardwalk Empire. That’s a slightly bigger deal this time around, with just six episodes left and gangsters dropping like flies, so I’m going to try to write something up after I return mid-week. I’ll definitely be posting a couple of photos of Disney World’s very own Boardwalk. Wish me fun!

Boardwalk Empire: The Good Listener


The writers of Boardwalk Empire have quite a job on their hands. After building a slow-burn series over four full seasons with dozens of characters in play, they have the task of wrapping the whole thing up satisfactorily in just eight hour-long episodes this season. They’ve decided to do a very thorough job.

Wanna talk about it? Damn the *Spoilers** and join me below.
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Boardwalk Empire: Golden Days for Boys and Girls


The best serialized storytelling is often quite a tease. It leaves you wanting more. Either it thrills you with a shocking cliffhanger or it entices you with a mysterious puzzle, but won’t show its hand quite yet. Of these two approaches, I usually prefer the latter. And that is exactly what the first episode of Boardwalk Empire’s last season delivered.

**This article will include spoilers for those who haven’t yet seen Season 5 Ep 1 of Boardwalk Empire**
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Boardwalk Empire Season 5: Quick, Shoot Everybody!

For the past few years, readers here at le Blog have seen me offer up short recaps and thoughts about most every episode of the HBO gangster drama Boardwalk Empire. Despite an enthusiastic core audience and plenty of Emmy awards love, the series has not been able to rustle up consistent enough ratings to keep going. Because of this (and other rumored reasons) this autumn will see the fifth and final season about Nucky Thompson and the cast of other prohibition era schemers.

So what can we expect from showrunner Terence Winter, who has never been unwilling to shake things up, now that the ending date of the series has already been declared? Well, if you’ve been watching religiously for the last four years and don’t mind a few spoilers based on easily googled historical facts, then click below as I discuss what’s been revealed.
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Premium Television Actors Appear with Oscar’s Finest

For many years there was a definitive line between the performers who appeared on the big screen and those who showed up weekly in our living rooms.  Crossover certainly happened at times. Jack Klugman is best known for the years he spent as Oscar Madison on “The Odd Couple” television show and as the titular character on “Quincy,” despite appearing in well-respected films like Days of Wine and Roses, and 12 Angry Men. The king of Television sitcoms, Dick Van Dyke, crossed over memorably into silver screen musicals like Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Bye Bye Birdie. There are many other examples, but there was a time when there was a stigma attached to working in television.

TV was considered work that you did when you were climbing up to stardom…and when you were climbing back down.

Vestiges of this attitude still remain, but with the advent of premium television series which can address topics previously reserved to R-rated films, the cross-pollination of talent has increased. As content restrictions also loosened on the major networks, well-known actors began to find more attractive opportunities. Established film actors like Keifer Sutherland, Dustin Hoffman, Tim Roth, Steve Buscemi, and Kevin Spacey have taken on starring roles in these shows. The bleed through is going both ways, though, and while catching up on this year’s Oscar nominated films, I happily noted several actors in small roles who I know from such shows.

Let’s take a look at a few!
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Boardwalk Empire: Farewell Daddy Blues


**This article will discuss the finale of season 4. There will be spoilers. BIG spoilers.**
Okay, so I got this one about half right. Click below and we’ll have a heart to heart about it.
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