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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Shortly after Twin Peaks was cancelled by ABC, a Twin Peals movie was announced.  For the dedicated fans who watched the TV show to the bitter end, the announcement was great news.  The show ended with  maddening cliff hanger.  It stood to reason that the movie would offer some closure.

But that’s not what happened.  Instead, auteur David Lynch made a movie that was too tied to the mythology of the TV show to be appreciated by casual viewers and yet so different in tone from the TV show that it alienated fans.

In short, it satisfied almost no one.

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Lego Twin Peaks

I was discussing Twin Peaks with some fellow fans after my review of the show and I stumbled on this brilliant video of Lego Twin Peaks.  If you’re not a fan, you won’t get it.  But if you still remember Twin Peaks fondly, this will put a smile on your face.

Twin Peaks

Recently Netflix started streaming episodes of Twin Peaks.  This news was cause for celebration as far as I was concerned.  During most of its brief run, Twin Peaks had been my favorite TV show.  But most people didn’t share my enthusiasm.

The years have not been kind to Twin Peaks’ reputation.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say Twin Peaks has become something of a cautionary tale.  Back in the days when Lost was frustrating its fans with bizarre clues to mysteries it seemed it would never answer, I commonly heard the phrase “They better not pull a Twin Peaks!”

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