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The Walking Dead: Hearts Still Beating


“Hearts Still Beating”, the mid-season finale of the seventh season of The  Walking Dead, wraps up all the ongoing stories introduced in the season premiere and resets the stage for the back half of the season.  Over the course of 90 minutes, the episode checks in with all of the regulars.  Maggie is still pregnant and the likely next leader of the Hilltop community, Carol still wants to be left alone, Morgan still won’t kill except when the plot demands that he break his oath, Spencer is still insufferable, Carl still needs a haircut, Tara’s Oceanside community still doesn’t matter, Eugene still likes to watch and Negan still likes the sound of his own voice.

Hearts are still beating (except for Glenn and Abraham’s) and the status quo remains largely unchanged after eight episodes (three of which were extra-long).

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The Walking Dead: Sing Me A Song


“Sing Me a Song” is the penultimate episode of the “A” half of the seventh season of The Walking Dead.  It’s an extra-sized 90-minute episode which I think we all know has more to do with ad revenue than it does story-telling.  This episode doesn’t tell us much that we didn’t already know from the last over-sized episode.  Negan is a bad dude.  He puts on a smile and he never shuts up.  So far this season, we have probably spent more time listening to Negan prattle on than we have spent with any other character including Rick – the show’s de facto protagonist.  In “The Cell”, viewers got an extended look inside the Savior’s compound from the points of view of Dwight and Daryl.  This episode is more of the same as seen by a recently captured Carl.

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The Walking Dead: Go Getters


Last week’s extra long episode focused on Negan grinding Rick under his boot for roughly ninety minutes less commercials.  “Go Getters” does the same thing with a Negan surrogate (a henchman named Simon) and Hilltop leader, Gregory.  Gregory is a sniveling coward.  In theory, he’s a weak-willed leader that stands in stark contrast to our hero, Rick.  But at the end of the day, the result is still the same.

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The Walking Dead: Service


Boy, that sure didn’t take long.  When The Walking Dead finally introduced the charismatic Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villain Negan, it gave the show a much-needed jolt of energy.  By this point in the show’s long run, our main cast has encountered so many malicious groups that they have all become kind of faceless.  Morgan’s confident, sneering strut was at least memorable.  But after less than a handful of appearances, Negan’s already worn out his welcome.

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The Walking Dead: The Cell


I believe we have hit a new low here when it comes to padding out The Walking Dead.  The first twenty minutes of “The Cell” dealt with the making of sandwiches.  This was done in order to draw a comparison between fan favorite Daryl Dixon (who was probably eating dog food sandwiches before the apocalypse) and his captor, Dwight.  But the sandwich making went on so long I found myself wondering “where the hell  are they were getting all this bread?”

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The Walking Dead: The Well


The Walking Dead can be a divisive show, but I think just about everyone can agree on one thing: Last week’s season premiere was hard to watch.  That episode was intended to break down the characters and the audience with an hour-long barrage of graphic violence, gore and hopelessness.  Whether or not that is something of merit is up for debate.  But I think most viewers would agree that you couldn’t follow up the season premiere with more of the same.  So it comes as something of a relief that the second episode of the season switches characters, location and tone.

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The Walking Dead: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be


I don’t think I am going out on a limb when I say that the seventh season premier of The Walking Dead was the most hyped and anticipated episode in the show’s history.  The season six finale, now a distant memory, built up to a cliff-hanger that dared your to care about its resolution six months later.  Since then, AMC has spent half a year stoking the fires of fandom to make sure viewers remembered that someone was going to die this week.

There’s obviously going to be spoilers after the jump.  My guess is that if you didn’t watch the episode live last night, you probably aren’t too worried about being spoiled, but be warned anyway.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Wrath/North


The two-hour season finale of the second season of Fear the Walking Dead consisted of two episodes titled “Wrath” and “North”.  Together, they essentially wrapped up the dangling plot threads of the second half of the season while setting up cliffhangers to be resolved in season three.  Ultimately, it felt a lot like the midseason finale in which things went “sideways” (a term the characters on the show seem to be fond of) and the characters had to abandon their latest sanctuary.  The details are different, but only moderately so.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Date Of Death

ftwd - Date Of Death

“Date Of Death” is the penultimate episode of the second season of Fear the Walking Dead.  You might expect the episode preceding the finale to set up some major conflict, but instead, this is a Chris and Travis story told largely in flashback.  The outcome of the father-son struggle was apparent to us at the end of last week’s episode when we saw Travis all by himself.  And yet, even as this episode ends, Chris’ ultimate fate is uncertain and we, the viewers, have learned nothing we didn’t already know.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Pillar of Salt


I wasn’t really sure how to end last week’s Fear the Walking Dead recap, so I wondered aloud how the show would go about reuniting the scattered cast.  There didn’t seem to be a logical way to reconnect the various plot threads, but clearly that would be the objective for the remaining episodes this season.  Sure enough this week’s episode titled “Pillar of Salt” set the ground work for the expected reunion.  And as expected, it did so in the laziest, most nonsensical way possible.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Pablo And Jessica


I skipped last week’s Fear the Walking Dead write-up in favor of the Labor Day Weekend, so today’s recap of this week’s episode, “Pablo and Jessica”, will pull double duty.  That shouldn’t present too big of a problem since both episodes are concerned with the characters adjusting to their new status quo.  Last week’s episode, “Do Not Disturb”, spent some time with everyone’s two least favorite characters, Chris and Travis.  Since they didn’t make an appearance this week, I’m just going to leave the unfortunate “zombie bros” story for another day.  Instead, we’ll focus on events at la colonia and the Hotel Zombiefornia.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Los Muertos

FTWD - Los Muertos

Last week, I gave “Grotesque” a rare passing grade.  I thought the simplicity of the Nick-centric mid-season premiere played to the writing staff’s strengths while avoiding their weaknesses (specifically dialogue).  By focusing on the immediate challenges of crossing the desert, “Grotesque” was able to avoid the logical pitfalls that the show tends to fall into as well as sparing us a bunch of pointless speechifying.  The second episode of the second half of the second season returns to the show’s regular format.  As such, it brings back all of the show’s usual failures.

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Fear the Walking Dead: Grotesque

FTWD - Grotesque

During Fear the Walking Dead‘s first season, I frequently requested for Nick to be killed off as soon as possible.  The show spent a lot of time developing the idea that a drug addict like Nick was uniquely suited to life in a zombie apocalypse.  I’m still not buying into that thesis, but I’m not asking to have Nick meet his demise either.  Although Nick himself seems like he would be perfectly okay with being one of the walkers.  The midseason premiere of Fear the Walking Dead was devoted to Nick’s solo journey and to my surprise, I was digging it.

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