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Best Actor Nominees (90th Academy Awards)

In recent years we have seen the presentation of Best Actor and Best Actress in alternating positions in the schedule of the evening. This began a while ago in order to blunt the perception that the Best Actor category was necessarily more significant than the Best Actress category is. Obviously there have been years when one set of nominees seemed to have a bit more prestige or flash than the other. Consider 1994, in which the Actress nominees, despite all being well-regarded actresses, were indeed from films with less overall buzz than their male counterparts. On the other hand, this year appears to be slanted just a little in the other direction. Who knows? Maybe when we look back twenty years from now we might think a little differently about it, but that’s how it looks to me at the moment.

Of course Gary Oldman, Denzel Washington, and Daniel Day-Lewis are nothing to sneeze at in and of themselves.

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“The Best Comedy of the Year!” 1980’s


A television commercial for the Melissa McCarthy movie Identity Thief proclaimed it “the best comedy of the year”.   February seems a bit early in the year to make such a proclamation, but marketing departments are rarely held back by modesty.  As it turns out, Identity Thief wasn’t even the best Melissa McCarthy movie of 2013.  That honor goes to The Heat.  But the boastful advertisement got Daffy Stardust thinking about the actual best comedy of the year which kicked off a series of articles breaking down the best comedy of each decade.  Today, we’re revisiting his picks from the 1980’s.

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Worst to First: Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Universe Posters

Black Panther, the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hits theaters this weekend with glowing reviews and off-the-charts buzz.  Before you visit the nation of Wakanda, why not review the previous Marvel movies from Worst to First?  Since this article originally ran last November, I have added Thor: Ragnarok to the list.

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