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May 28: Happy Birthday Kylie Minogue and Carey Mulligan


Singer and actress Kylie Minogue turns 49 today.  She was cast as tomboy Charlene Mitchell (later Robinson) on the Australian soap opera Neighbours in her late teens; during her two years on the show she won four Logie Awards (Australian Emmys), while the episode featuring her character’s marriage was one of the most-watched in Australian TV history.  During her time on the show she signed her first recording contract.  Her first studio album, Kylie, came out in the summer of 1988 and included a cover of a Gerry Goffin-Carole King song that became her first big hit.

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May 21: Happy Birthday Mr. T and Judge Reinhold


On a day with few really big names, our headliners are two people who had fairly high profiles during the 1980s.

Lawrence Tureaud, much better known as Mr. T, is turning 65 today.  A former soldier, he had worked as a bouncer and a bodyguard, and was noticed by Sylvester Stallone while taking part in a “toughest bouncer” contest; Stallone recruited him to appear in Rocky III, where he played Rocky’s rival, Clubber Lang.  Mr. T then starred in the film D. C. Cab, and later in the eighties was one of the leads on the Canadian-produced series T. and T.  During the decade he also had a short career in professional wrestling.  But he was best known for another television role, as a former Special Forces sergeant with a distinctive hairstyle, a fear of flying, and a really bad attitude.

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Why Maron’s last season didn’t work

Kevthewriter shares his thoughts on season 4 of the IFC sitcom, Maron.

Of all the TV shows going on, Maron was a pretty underrated series. No one really talked about it but it was entertaining enough to make me want to watch more. It’s no Louie but it was still a decent show. Of course, it might’ve been partly due to the fact that it aired on the IFC Channel, a channel that, besides maybe Portlandia, no one watches. But, while I liked the first 3 seasons, the fourth season wasn’t very good.

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