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Weekly Recap: Princesses Kissed Frogs and Danced With Beasts

For a blog with contributors who are largely middle-aged men, we spend a lot of time talking about Disney.  This week, a sizable portion of the conversations centered on Disney princesses.  After viewing the live-action remake of the animated classic, Beauty and the Beast, Daffy reached out to me to ask if I had seen it.  I hadn’t, but when Daffy calls I go into action.  Once we had both seen the movie, we exchanged a few emails which became the basis for one of this week’s articles.  Daffy pulled everything together and added pictures like the one above which served as an illustration to a joke I made about how my date for the original movie likely viewed me.  But he didn’t stop there.  To cap things off, Daffy also arranged for LeFou to handle recapping duties this week.  So without further ado, here is LeFou.

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Weekly Recap: Double-Sized March Madness* (Not Associated in any way with the NCAA)

Did you miss last the recap last Sunday?  Unfortunately, I got caught up in some less-than-risky business that prevented me from posting last weekend.  But I’m back this week and to make it up to you I’m going to recap the last two weeks of articles here at Le Blog.  So get comfortable in your seat, stop watching whatever Tom and Rebecca are up to and let’s get to recapping.

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Weekly Recap: Batman and Superman Got Razzed; JefftheWildman Got Out


After a busy Oscar week, things slowed down just a bit here at Le Blog.  But much like Henry Cavill’s facial expression, some things don’t change all that much.  The site was still jam packed with good stuff to read.  Just in case you missed any of it, I’m here to save the day with your weekly recap.

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Weekly Recap: Countdown to Oscars!


We have spent most of the month of February counting down to the 89th Annual Academy Awards.  Tonight is the big night and you could definitely feel the excitement building all week here at Le Blog.  I’m pretty sure Daffy Stardust cloned himself.  Otherwise, I have no idea how he managed to crank out two Oscar-related articles daily.  Plus he also recruited an old friend of the site, therealadri, to contribute her annual look at the costuming category.  It’s been a week of glitz, glamour and Lego bricks.  Let the weekly recap begin!

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Weekly Recap: Ingrid Upsets Katharine, Best Songs Are Sung and Scooby Dooby Doos

Beauty and the Beast

It’s a tale as old as time and a song as old as, well, 1991.  So not that old really.  But “Beauty and the Beast”  was one of the Oscar winning tunes highlighted here at Le Blog this week.  With the 89th annual Academy Awards just a week away, readers were bombarded with must-read articles.  There’s been so much good stuff, even I haven’t been able to keep up with it all.  If you want to catch up over your President’s Day weekend, here’s your weekly recap.

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Weekly Recap: Epic Fails, Poppins Soars and Crazy Boys Get Cool


As we gear up for the Academy Awards, there’s music in the air.  That is appropriate given that the odds-on favorite to win Best Picture is the musical, La La Land.  So get your dancing shoes on as we samba our way through another jam-packed weekly recap!

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Weekly Recap: Batman’s Stuck in a Rut, but Readers Enjoy Boogie Nights


Even when he’s sporting a pirate look, Robert Wagner is one handsome fellow.  He may have played a character named Number 2 in Austin Powers (appropriately enough the 2nd place finisher in our Movies of 1997 bracket game), but he’s #1 in our hearts.  Or something.  You try introducing a weekly recap with a picture of Robert Wagner.  It’s not as easy as it looks.  Before we all break out in evil laughter, let’s look back at the past week at Le Blog.

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Weekly Recap: Awards Season Starts and Milla Jovovich Upsets Will Smith


Every week at Le Blog is full of excitement.  But this week, the site was bursting with good stuff you don’t want to miss.  The Movies of 1997 bracket game has proven to be unpredictable, celebrities continued celebrating birthdays and the Oscar and Razzie nominees were announced.  All that plus Lego ghosts were busted.  If you missed any of the action, I’m here to catch you up with another weekly recap.

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Weekly Recap: “Raising” Reigns, “Titanic” Sinks and “Teen Wolf Too” Howls


Jason Bateman gives this week’s recap a furry thumbs-up.  Wanna know what you missed at Le Blog?  A furry week of fun after the jump.

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Weekly Recap: Minor Characters, Hidden Fences and the 40 Year-Old Elf


I hope everyone is enjoying their three-day weekend (for those of you who are off work tomorrow anyway).  Last week was another busy one here at Le Blog.  Just in case you missed any of the fun and excitement, here’s your weekly recap.

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Weekly Recap: The Best Movies and Music of 1987 and a look back at what didn’t suck last year


Thus ends the first full week of the new year.  What’d you miss?  Well, hopefully not much but in case you did, here’s your weekly recap to bring you up to speed on the goings on here at Le Blog.

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Weekly Recap: Daffy Does Disney, Damon Wayans Gets Tamed and Movies Changed Lives


There’s a lot that goes on here at Le Blog.  Sometimes, readers tell me that they miss things.  That got me to thinking about some things I can do to make it easier for readers to keep up.  As we start off the new year, I thought I would try posting a weekly recap to put everything in one place for readers who don’t check in on a daily basis.

Let me know if you think this adds value or if you’d like to see any changes going forward.

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