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Weekly Recap: It’s a Long Story

You know that look.  Sam’s in trouble.  He probably just said or did something really stupid.  Or maybe he told Diane what was going to happen to her movie career immediately following her departure from the bar.  Either way, Shelley doesn’t look happy.  Hopefully readers were in a better mood when they realized this week included the latest installment in the “What the Hell Happened” series.  This week, we examined the career of Emmy-winning actress, Shelley Long, who became one of the top cautionary tales for actors thinking about leaving a hit show.  I personally think Long gets a bit of a bad rap.  Had she stayed on Cheers, I guarantee the show wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as it did.  Instead of killing Cheers has some fans feared she would, Long’s departure saved it.

It’s time for this week’s blog recap.  Pull up a barstool and read it somewhere where everybody knows your name.

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Weekly Recap: What Year Is It?

This summer’s Twin Peaks revival was equal parts frustration and delight.  Never was that more true than last week’s final episode which concluded the series with a question fans will be pondering for years to come.  “What year is it?” has become the new “How’s Annie?”  And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you obviously haven’t been following along.  That’s all right.  Twin Peaks is out there waiting to be discovered.  If you enjoy groundbreaking television, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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Weekly Recap: Hollywood’s Summer Bummer

Labor Day Weekend is traditionally the end of the summer movie season.  But this year, it seems like summer ended early.  The month of August which can usually be counted on for at least one end-of-the-season surprise came up short.  It was a disappointing ending to a flaccid summer movie season.  2017 is the first crop of summer movies to gross less than four billion dollars in at least a decade.  Worse still, it is estimated to be the least attended summer in twenty-five years!  That’s causing studio execs and exhibitors sleepless nights.

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Weekly Recap: The McCarthy Era

The latest installment in the What the Hell Happened series celebrated America’s favorite sensitive nice guy from the mid-eighties, Andrew McCarthy.  You know him from coming-of-age movies like St. Elmo’s Fire and Pretty in Pink or from high concept comedies like Mannequin and Weekend at Bernie’s.  Like most of the Brat Pack, McCarthy struggled to transition to adult roles as the decade came to a close.  However, he managed to bounce back with two fall-back careers; directing television shows and travel writing.

Last Sunday I skipped the weekly recap in favor of wrapping up the McCarthy article, so today’s recap will be double-sized.  Let’s get started.

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Weekly Recap: Jestak’s Year of Birthdays

What’s better than a plain, ordinary birthday?  A celebrity birthday of course!  Regular readers know that Jestak has been serving up slices of cake here at Le Blog on a daily basis in celebration of famous people’s birthdays (and anyone else who may share them).  This week, he crossed a milestone.  On Tuesday, Jestak published his 365th consecutive birthday write-up.  That’s a lot of celebrities blowing out candles!  So grab yourself a slice of birthday cake and let’s recap this week’s activity here at Le Blog.

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Weekly Recap: The Dork Tower

Hollywood spent over a decade trying to figure out how to adapt Stephen King’s fantasy novel series for the big screen.  The end result was a movie that was panned by critics.  Despite a first place opening at the box office, The Dark Tower will likely end up losing money.  Idris Elba is expected to reprise his role in a follow-up TV series and any potential sequels.  But based on the movie’s lackluster performance, those plans have to be called into question.

Yep, the summer movie season is limping to the finish line.  But there’s still a lot of activity here at Le Blog.  Let’s recap the week and see if you missed anything.

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Weekly Recap: Poop Happens

Summer is winding down.  This week, we attended a few back-to-school related meetings.  Most kids will be back in the classroom sometime next month.  That means the last death rattles of the summer movie season.  Hollywood studios have already released all of their surefire hits.  Now they are dumping movies they think might be able to turn a quick buck in the couple of weeks remaining or they are counter-programming with adult-skewing films like Dunkirk.  This week, Sony gifted the world with the critically reviled Emoji Movie.  Despite terrible reviews, the animated turd is threatening to take the top spot at the box office.  But it’s facing stiff competition from Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed war picture.

It’s the last Sunday in July, so let’s recap all the poop that happened here at Le Blog this week.

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Weekly Recap: We’re Getting Too Old for This Skeet and Daffy Hassels the Hoff

This week’s “What the Hell Happened” subject was best known for playing bad-boys in high school horror movies like Scream and The Craft.  But guess what?  That was more than twenty years ago!  Yeah, we’re all getting older.  Our man Skeet has transitioned in television.  He still plays a bad boy on Riverdale, the CW’s edgy take on Archie comics.  But now he’s playing Jughead’s bad dad.  Although to be fair, none of the parents on that show are very good.  Even in his role as a murder suspect, Ulrich was still more likable than a lot of other adult characters on the show.

Yep, time goes by fast.  To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, if you don’t stop by Le Blog and look around you might miss something.  If you did, don’t worry.  The weekly recap has got you covered.

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Weekly Recap: She’s All That and a Pussycat

Josie and her band-mates look confused and maybe even a little disgusted.  Perhaps they are wondering why it’s taken so long for a new “What the Hell Happened?” article to appear here at the site.  If so, they wouldn’t be the first.  It’s been almost a year since the more recent article on Top Gun and Witness star, Kelly McGillis.  During that time the most persistent question from readers has been some variation of “Are you ever going to write another WTHH article?”  For the last eleven months or so, I have been assuring readers that the series would return and this week it finally did with What the Hell Happened to Rachel Leigh Cook?

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Weekly Recap: Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Man!

Spider-Man, Spider-Man.  Does whatever a spider can.  Which apparently includes topping the box office.  It’s not surprising that Sony’s latest Spidey reboot set in the Marvel cinematic universe opened in the #1 spot this weekend.  That was pretty much expected.  But the movie, which is well-liked by critics and audiences, is currently on track to have the studio’s second highest opening weekend of all times behind Spider-man 3.  It was a good week for Spidey fans because in addition to a new take on their favorite wall-crawler, we had Spider-Man related content here at Le Blog.

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Weekly Recap: Doc Brown Takes Us Back in Time and Joel Schumacher Takes Batman Down

This is how I feel every time I look at my blogging schedule.  Where does the time go?  It seems like only yesterday I was dropping Men Without Hats jokes into my weekly recap (for no apparent reason) and here it is a week later and I have to recap another week of activity here at the blog.  I have a really aggressive blogging schedule lined up for the next couple of months, so I may need to hop into that DeLorean at rev it up to 88 if I’m going to keep up with it.  But for now, we’ll go back in time one week and cover everything you may have missed here at Le Blog.

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Weekly Recap: Big Women Attack, All Eyes on Tupac and Rob Schneider Drops a Deuce

We’re in the final days of June, roughly halfway through the year.  It’s officially summertime and I am told the time is right for dancing in the street.  We frown on that sort of behavior around here.  Safety first, people.  There are safer places to dance.  And I’m dangerously close to a Men Without Hats reference, so I’m going to switch gears.  You can dance if you want to.  Just leave your friends behind while I recap this week’s activity here at Le Blog.

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Weekly Recap: Aliens Invade, Mutants Get Ranked and Twins Peaked

Happy Father’s Day, everyone.

The blog belatedly celebrated the Alien franchise this week.  This was more by chance than design.  Jeffthewildman ranked the Alien movies after watching the latest entry from Ridley Scott.  Completely separate from that, I had an interview with Alien star Sigourney Weaver from the Movieline archives.  You run both of those in the same week and voila – you have a theme.

But it wasn’t all chestbursters and xenomorphs here at Le Blog.  After the jump, get ready for a recap.

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