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Why’d it Bomb? The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Back in October, I wrote a couple of articles about how the Frozen phenomenon kind of left the other modern animated Disney movies in the dust.  For the first article, I focused on the merchandising aspect of Disney and didn’t really talk about what I thought was really interesting, which was not only that the other movies lacked merchandise but it felt like Frozen was the only one that really had any staying power while the other movies were pretty much forgotten after a while. In the second article, I talked more about my feelings towards this (as well as the lack of merch for the other films) but I feel like I might have underestimated the popularity of some of the movies I mentioned in that article as I later realized that some of the movies that “used to be popular but have been forgotten” I mentioned in the article (like Up or Inside Out) aren’t really forgotten and are still pretty popular. However, today were going to talk about a Disney movie whose merchandise sold pretty well yet Disney still found to be a disappointment because hardly anyone went to see the movie itself.

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Why’d it bomb? Epic (2013)


Hey, remember Epic? Y’know, that one movie about the little fairy people from a few years ago who kicked the bug people’s butt? Anyone?

Yeah, I’m going to guess no one remembers it existed. Just one look at the message boards for its IMDB page have shown that hardly anyone posts on its board anymore. It was also a box office disappointment. Technically, thanks to its worldwide gross (and no doubt DVD/Blu-Ray sales), it was modestly successful but, domestically, it only made $7 million more dollars than its budget, as it made $107 million dollars on a $100 million dollar budget. But why was it such a disappointment? Let’s find out!

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Why’d it Bomb? Entourage (2015)


At one point in time, Entourage was a popular TV show with critical acclaim and Emmy nods. As time went on, however, the show got less and less popular. It got to the point where it seems like no one really cared when it got a movie, as it barely made any money at the box office. In fact, if it wasn’t for worldwide numbers, it basically bombed.  In America, it made $32 million on a $30 million budget and, even when you put in worldwide numbers, it made $49 million on a $30 million budget. If we’re being generous, Entourage was a disappointment at the box office in not an outright bomb.  Why did it fail to duplicate the success of another long-running HBO show adapted to the big screen, Sex and the City??

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Why’d it bomb? Bridget Jones’s Baby


Before you correct me, I know Bridget Jones’s Baby is technically a hit because, while it’s a box office bomb in America, it’s making a lot of money in other countries. However, I’m still counting this because, while it’s not bombing everywhere, I am kind of interested in counting down the ways Americans are ignoring it. So here we go!

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Why’d it bomb? Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass is arguably one of the most surprising box office bombs this year. While I don’t think anyone predicted that it was going to replicate the box office success of its predecessor, I don’t think anyone thought it was going to bomb just as badly (if not worse) as The Lone Ranger and John Carter.

But why did it bomb?

Here are my theories:

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Why’d it bomb? Ice Age: Collision Course

Ice Age Collision Course

For the first in a possible new series, I’m going to look at movies and make theories about why they might have bombed at the box office. I’m going to be mostly focusing on why the movie bombed in the US because, seeing as I don’t live in Europe, I’m not sure what could’ve affected it’s European gross.  For the first one, I’m going to look at a movie that really has only bombed in the states but has done well in other countries…yet, considering the European box office grosses of its predecessors, also comes off as a bit of a disappointment.

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