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Oscars: How Important is Best Picture?

How meaningful is a Best Picture Oscar in the grand scheme of things? Well, obviously that’s going to depend on the point of view of each individual person considering the question. For the purposes of this article we’re going to assume that it’s a pretty big deal within the context of the awards themselves, but we’re going to have a look at the history of voting patterns in relation to other Oscars given out each year, its importance within the film business, and how these relate to long term relevance.

Let’s see how much I can find to say on this subject, shall we?
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Rank the Top 20 Best Picture Winners of All Time!!

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Over the past couple of weeks, we here at LeBlog have been busy narrowing down the films which have won the Academy Award for Best Picture to a final twenty candidates. As we reviewed each decade of the award’s existence, we ranked the Best Picture winners from that decade, generating a score for each film based on how the participants have placed the movies from numbers 1 to 10. Different decades saw different voting patterns. For example, in the 1940s the classic favorite Casablanca ran away and hid from the competition to the point that it ended up being the only film from that decade to make our final list of 20. In the 1960s we had a few favorites that became bunched at the top and all performed well enough to be considered here. In our last few decades, voting became more contentious as memories of perceived sleights started to motivate voting in addition to real passion for films from our own era. This created a cannibalization of these decades and we’ve got just two candidates for the top 20 from the last twenty years. Is that a realistic assessment of the strength of the Best Picture winners? Maybe, maybe not. But it is how we ended up voting, and I’m betting that once we rank this final 20 we find we’ve got a pretty legitimate top 20 Best Pictures list.

Let’s give it a shot!
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Rank the Oscar Winning Movies: The Last 5 Years

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Time waits for no man. It also won’t speed up or round itself off just for your own convenience. We’ve spent the last 2 1/2 weeks here at LeBlog reviewing the Oscar winners for Best Picture from each decade starting with the 1930s. Participation has been excellent and we’ve had some very well considered and interesting conversations in the comments sections of these articles. Once we’ve gathered up the rankings for each decade, we’ll be throwing the top twenty vote-getters into one final showdown so that a fully articulated ranking of LeBlog’s top 20 Best Picture winners can be posted here before the Ceremony next Sunday.

Today’s installment and vote will be a little different (and will have to be weighted differently when it comes time to figure out where these movies are ranked) because the current decade is only halfway through. We’ll have to see where we are once the decade is over, but I’d say we’ve seen a mild upswing in the overall quality of the last several Best Picture winners despite my ambivalence towards one of them.
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