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Top 10 Horror Films Of The 1970s



In focusing on the Networks, Chinatowns and  Raging Bulls of the 70s, it’s easy to overlook another great aspect of 70’s filmmaking: the horror genre. The decade is frequently cited as one of the best in cinematic history. That doesn’t just apply to prestigious dramas like The Godfather.  The seventies were also one of the best decades for horror. The films listed here are proof of that.

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The Fever Dream of Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is less a war movie than the greatest fever dream ever put on film. It doesn’t back away from showing how awful war is. But unlike Oliver Stone’s Platoon, it’s not a realistic depiction of Vietnam. It uses the war as a metaphorical comment on human nature much like the previous years The Deer Hunter. But in some ways it’s more effective than Cimino’s film.

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70’s Movies Bracket Game Winner!

The Godfather

We started with sixteen really good movies from the 70’s and now we’re down to one winner.  It was a battle of two pop culture phenomenons.  In 1972, The Godfather became the highest-grossing movie of all times.  In 1977, Star Wars took the crown from Jaws.  Both movies launched lucrative franchises and both are well-regarded four decades later.  The Godfather had the edge in terms of prestige, but Star Wars is untouchable in terms of pop culture saturation.  Ultimately, the more acclaimed movie won out.  The Godfather is our winner.

I want to thank everyone for participating in our 70’s bracket game.  It’s been a fun one.  I need to give Daffy credit for all the hard work he put into putting the game together.  I think it was one of our better ones to date.  Lots of hard decisions and good conversations.

I’m going to keep this write-up short and sweet.  Obviously, the announcement of the winner came a little late this time around.  That’s a reflection of the real world intruding on blogging time.  So instead of doing a long write-up about the importance of The Godfather, I’m going to turn it over to you guys in the comments section.

Although this game is wrapped up, we still have more seventies-themed goodies coming to you for the rest of the month.  And of course there will be another bracket game coming soon.

’70s Movies Bracket Game: The Godfather Vs. Star Wars

The Godfather Vs. Star Wars

This is it.  We’re down to two iconic movies from the 70’s.  Time to pick a winner.

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’70s Movies Bracket Game: Jaws vs. Star Wars

Jaws Vs Star Wars

April is 70’s month here at Le Blog.  Our first seventies-themed bracket game is down to the final four now.  Which two movies will slug it out in the finals?  That’s up to you guys.

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’70s Movies Bracket Game: The Godfather Vs Blazing Saddles

Blazing Saddles Vs. The Godfather

April is 70’s month here at Le Blog.  Our first seventies-themed bracket game is down to the final four now.  Which two movies will slug it out in the finals?  That’s up to you guys.
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Top 10 Cinematic Depictions Of The 70s.

70s Movies

The 70’s. Considered by many to be the best decade in cinematic history and its hard to argue with that point of view. It was the decade in which Hollywood became dominated by young mavericks who would change American cinema and the way many people thought about it as well as many foreign ones as well.

Trying to think of what to write for 70’s month, I thought about doing a top ten movies of the 70’s. But that’s cliched, not to mention narrowing it down to 10 is damn near impossible. Then I got to thinking about one of my all-time favorite films, one that was made in the mid-late 90’s but it’s set between 1977 and 1984.  Then an idea came to me: Top Ten Movies Set in the 70’s.

I can’t vouch for how accurate these depictions of the decade are, speaking as one who was born in 1978. But these are the best ones, the ones that stand out.

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The Food of the 70’s

70's Fondue

We’re looking back at the 70’s this month.  And what better way to kick things off than by grabbing a bite to eat?  Get ready to revisit the tastes of the Me Decade.

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Mad Men does the ’70s

With Mad Men set to polish up its fantastic run with a jaunt into the groovy 70s in its last seven episodes starting this Sunday, we here at Le Blog have decided to make April the month of the “Me Decade.” This is already reflected in our disco-tinged site design and will continue to be addressed through our coming articles.

First up is the very sweet trailer AMC posted for Mad Men’s final half season, showing Don Draper and crowd decked out in their  very finest feel good attire. Playing along with these images is Diana Ross’ easily sultry “Love Hangover,” a sneakily appropriate song for the wind down of Mad Men, with everybody possibly feeling the poor results of their passionate mistakes. This will be the first time Mad Men will be taking place at a time when I was actually alive as a person, but probably won’t feature anything I would be in danger of remembering first hand.

As the month goes on, Lebeau and friends will be sharing our own memories of the 1970s and will be interested to find out about your favorites. Look out for a new bracket game starting soon, more from my “Nope, Not a 1-Hit Wonder” series, and even more one-off articles as we celebrate the decade that brought us a startling array of the fantastic and the fantastically cheesy. Come back each day and take a step back in time…in platform shoes!

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