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Demi Moore: More, More, Moore


Post-Ghost, Demi Moore was on track to become the highest-paid actress in Hollywood.  She pursued fame and courted controversy with attention-grabbing magazine covers and a reputation for being a capital-D diva.  Among Moore’s many magazine covers was the January/February 1993 issue of Movieline – the publication’s annual “sex” issue.  Moore was promoting A Few Good Men and filming Indecent Proposal at the time of the interview.  In addition to her career, Moore discussed her public image and her marriage to Bruce Willis.

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Kevin Bacon: Bacon Bounces Back

Was Kevin Bacon ever a movie star?  Without hesitation, he described himself that way in this profile from the December 1992 issue of Movieline magazine.  After having spent a few years in independent movies, Bacon made the decision to return to mainstream Hollywood fare in order to have his work seen by a larger audience.  Writer Stephen Saban walks Bacon through his filmography to date collecting anecdotes along the way.

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60 Minutes With Tom Cruise

Twenty-five years ago, Tom Cruise was cementing his status as the biggest movie star of his generation.  He had not yet jumped on Oprah’s couch.  To most audiences, he seemed like a nice young man with a million-dollar smile.  These days, we all know Cruise is kind of a kook.  There’s no denying that his movie star status has dimmed since Cruise put his craziness on display, but he has outlasted most of his contemporaries on the A-list.  In this cover story from the December 1992 issue of Movieline magazine, Cruise discusses his upcoming courtroom drama, A Few Good Men.  The interview is uniquely Cruisian.  You can see glimpses of some of the modern day Cruise when he laughs too hard and discusses his difficult upbringing.  This is a guy who doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin, but he’s charismatic enough to fake it.

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There Oughta be a Law!

Cher - Suspect

As part of the 1996 Women in Hollywood issue of Movieline magazine, Joe Queenan examined the trend of actresses he considered to be miscast as lawyers.  Queenan imagines a conspiracy starting with Cher in Suspect which leads to Cindy Crawford being cast as an attorney in Fair Game.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Gallery

What the Hell Happened to Cuba Gooding Jr.?

19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - Backstage And Audience

Cuba Gooding Jr.

Academy Award winner, Cuba Gooding, Jr. used to be cast in movies to give them an air of prestige.  His presence was a signal to the audience that the movie they were seeing was meant to be taken seriously, even if it was directed by Michael Bay.  But then, Gooding’s image changed.  After a string of critical drubbing and commercial disasters, Gooding went from Hollywood darling to direct-to-video pariah.

What the hell happened?

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