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October 7: Happy Birthday Thom Yorke and Tim Minchin


Thom Yorke turns 49 today.  He was attending Abingdon School in Oxfordshire, England, when he and four schoolmates, Ed O’Brien, Phil Selway, and Colin and Jonny Greenwood, formed a band they called On a Friday.  After a hiatus or two in the late 1980s, the band signed a recording contract in 1991 and took a new name—Radiohead.  Yorke is their lead vocalist—rated as one of the 100 greatest singers of all time by Rolling Stone—and plays guitar and keyboards.

Radiohead has become one of the most important voices in alternative rock.  They released their first studio album, Pablo Honey, in 1993, and gradually built an audience.  Between 1997 and 2007 they had five consecutive albums reach #1 in the UK, and they’ve had two #1 albums in the US.  They have received over twenty Grammy nominations, with four wins, mostly in Alternative music categories.

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October 6: Happy Birthday Elisabeth Shue and Carole Lombard


Elisabeth Shue, who celebrates her 53rd birthday today, is no stranger here at le Blog.  She has a WTHH article, a gallery, and an special birthday page from last fall. After all that coverage, her career is probably familiar to many of our readers, but I will give a quick summing up.

Shue made her acting debut in the early 1980s, and for much of that decade, and the first part of the next, she was a familiar face in the movies; usually her face was that of an ingenue of some kind.  She appeared in The Karate Kid, Cocktail, the two Back to the Future sequels, Heart and Souls, and several other films.  But for those who were around back then, this was probably the most indelible image we had of Elisabeth Shue:

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