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Movieline Cover Gallery 1998

Movieline Cover Gallery 1995

August 10: Happy Birthday Rosanna Arquette and Antonio Banderas


Rosanna Arquette celebrates her 57th birthday today.  The eldest of five acting siblings, she has been acting since her late teens.  The WTHH article on her has far more detail on her career than I have space for here.  Highlights of her career include an Emmy nomination for the TV adaptation of Norman Mailer’s The Executioner’s Song and playing a woman intrigued by the title character of Desperately Seeking Susan—a movie in which, despite the title and presence of Madonna, Arquette is the lead.  It’s a delightful film that never sets out to be anything more than entertaining:

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Antonio Banderas: The Real Don Juan

Banderas - Desperado

It’s Antonio Banderas’ birthday!  To celebrate, we’re revisiting an interview from the August 1995 issue of Movieline magazine.  Banderas was still establishing himself as a Hollywood movie star.  But his work was being overshadowed by tabloid headlines about his affair with his costar and future wife (and future ex-wife) Melanie Griffith.  It’s easy to forget, but at the time the affair was seen as quite a scandal since both actors were married at the time.  Stephen Rebello gets Banderas to open up about his career, his love life and what he sees for himself in the future (our past).

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Was I Wrong?: The 13th Warrior

The 13th Warrior - 1999

The 13th Warrior – 1999

The heyday of once-heralded action director John McTiernan has faded into the misty night, like the last embers of an erstwhile firewyrm set to wreak magnificent hell upon the mortal world. Immortal McTiernan classics such as Predator and Die Hard gave way to arguably great fare (The Hunt for Red October), middling action-romance stuff (The Thomas Crown Affair) and absolute puke (Rollerball).

Towards the tail end of the 90’s, McTiernan graced the film-going public with the long-gestating, would-be Viking epic The 13th Warrior, starring an effete Antonio Banderas as the eponymous Warrior, alongside 12 hulking “Northmen”. Based on Michael Crichton’s Eaters of the Dead, the film version (filmed years before release, in the wake of other successful/not-so successful Crichton works like Jurassic Park and Sphere) makes some noble attempts to adapt a supposedly true account of an Arab scholar and his travels to the cold and harsh northern lands of Europe to face off against the forces of darkness.

When the movie was released in theaters, it was dismissed by critics and ignored by audiences.  As a fan of the film, I have to ask Was I wrong about The 13th Warrior?

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What the Hell Happened to Melanie Griffith?

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith is the daughter of Hollywood icon, Tippi Hedren, an Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner.  She rose to the A-list in the 80s working with directors like Brian De Palma, Mike Nichols and Jonathan Demme.  But after a promising decade, she stumbled and fell off the a-List in the 90s.

What the hell happened?

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