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June 21: Happy Birthday Meredith Baxter and Michael Gross


While there are some bigger names with birthdays today, the fact that our two headliners were born on the same date and once starred—as a married couple—on a hit sitcom, makes them a natural choice.

Meredith Baxter is turning 70 today.  She began working in film and television in the early seventies.  She has had a few good film roles, such as a supporting role in All the President’s Men.  However, she has primarily been a television actress.  During the seventies and early eighties she had guest roles on series such as The Partridge Family, Medical Center, and The Love Boat.  She has had three starring roles on the small screen.  Her first was on the early seventies series Bridget Loves Bernie, which I believe has the distinction of being the highest-rated show ever canceled by only one season.  In the late seventies, she had a lead role as Nancy Lawrence Maitland on Family.  And in 1982, she began a 7-season starring run as Elyse Keaton on Family Ties.

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Lego Dimensions: Fun With Fun Packs: Emmet and Uni-Kitty


Two years ago, The Lego Movie got snubbed by Oscar voters.  Birdman may have won Best Picture that year, but does it have a series of toys-to-life figures included in a popular video game?  I don’t think so.  At least not yet.  Given some of the oddball inclusions in Lego Dimensions, we probably shouldn’t rule anything out.  Among the many licensed properties in Lego Dimensions, the least surprising inclusion would have to be characters form The Lego Movie.  Today, we’re going to look at a couple of the year one Fun Packs.

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Lego Dimensions: Jurassic World Team Pack


Lego Dimensions incorporates a wide variety of entertainment from cartoons to movies, TV and video games.  But if you want to add some dinosaurs to your game, there is currently only one expansion that will do that for you.  That’s the Jurassic World Team Pack.  Obviously, this set is based on last summer’s hit sequel/reboot in which Chris Pratt starred as dino-handler Owen Grady who found himself in a situation very familiar to anyone who had ever watched Jurassic Park.

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A-List: Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt 2014
The summer movie season is winding down as kids across the country are mostly back in school  It’s been a lousy summer for Hollywood.  It’s been so bad, that the studios could barely breathe a sigh of relief when two late summer releases over-performed.  Last week, the third and likely final movie in the Expendables franchise tanked.  This weekend, Expendables 3 dropped out of the top five entirely leaving a lot of aging action stars crying in their beers.  The lone hold out from The Expendables 3, Bruce Willis, returned for Sin City 2, the long delayed sequel to the 2005 comic book noir hit.  Even without the convenient excuse of an internet leak, Sin City 2 opened below The Expendables 3.  That shredding sound you hear is everyone in Hollywood losing Frank Miller’s phone number.

The biggest new release this week was the adaptation of the YA novel, If I Stay.  That movie, which starred Chloe Moretz, opened at #1 on Friday but fell behind during the remainder of the weekend.  It will land at #3 for the weekend behind the massively popular holdovers, Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The space adventure from Marvel Studios reclaimed the #1 spot during its fourth week in theaters and will officially become the highest grossing film of the 2014 summer box office.  Which is a dubious distinction considering how poorly the summer box office has performed, but appropriate for a movie about losers who come out on top.

As the lead of Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt is now poised for big things.  He’s launched a charm offensive by entertaining sick kids in costume and posting one of the more memorable ice bucket challenge videos.  But has the Summer of Pratt earned the actor a spot on the A-list?

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