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Park Hopping with Daffy Part 4

You might have noticed that I recently added one more table service restaurant to my rankings of Walt Disney World’s offered sit-down eateries, and now you get to share some of that meal with me here. Of course I didn’t actually save any of it for you, but you get to see me enjoy it myself, and that’s almost as good, right? No? Well, hopefully it’s fun anyway. You also get a little footage of Club Cool and Journey into Imagination if that’s more your speed.


Daffy Does Disney – Future World Highlights

Over the past few days Daffy Does Disney has covered some specific stuff in Epcot, including the new version of Soarin’, snacking around World Showcase, and the new Frozen Forever ride that has taken up residence in the Norway pavilion there. Today’s video will be a little more general, and mostly meandering around Future World and its secondary attractions and pleasures. This includes a short look at part of a presentation with dolphins in the Seas pavilion which I’d never seen before. Walt Disney World truly does support multiple visits while retaining a few cards up its sleeves if you leave yourself open to them.

An October Trip of Walt Disney World Firsts: Part 3


“First”#5: DisneyBounding
This is definitely one I wouldn’t have tried on my own steam, but I must admit it was kind of fun. DisneyBounding is a relatively new trend in the Disney fan community. The idea is to dress in clothing which “suggests” a Disney character without it being an outright costume. I’m guessing that this is, in part, due to the parks’ rules against costumes on adults unless you’re at one of their Halloween parties (we’ll cover that later). There was, in fact, a widely reported happening in which a young lady dressed as Tinkerbell was refused entry to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park. Part of the issue was that she looked too much like she might be an official cast member and other guests were stopping her for photos. Disney doesn’t really want competition for one of the bigger draws to their parks. Necessity is the mother of invention, and fans began showing up in modern clothes fashioned after their favorite Disney characters in subtle enough ways that nobody could possibly mistake them for a park employee. As you see above, the fad has lots of elbow room. Our day at EPCOT was spent in very comfortable and stylish bounding fashions.
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