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David Bowie: Bowie at the Bijou

Last year, we lost a rock and roll legend.  I am ill-equipped to discuss David Bowie’s musical legacy except to say that Bowie was so big that his influence spilled over into other media including movies.  In the April 1992 issue of Movieline magazine, one of the magazine’s editors interviewed Bowie about his side job as a movie star.

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The King and His Court


Elvis Presley was the King of Rock’n’Roll.  But he was also pioneered bad rock’n’roll movies.  This article from the Jan/Feb 1992 issue of Movieline wasn’t credited, but the writing style is certainly that of Joe Queenan.  The author establishes Elvis’ record for starring in movies that are as successful as they are bad and then runs through a list of rockers-turned-thespians who could give the King a run for his money.

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January 8: Happy Birthday Sarah Polley and Elvis Presley


Canadian actress, writer and director Sarah Polley celebrates her 38th today.  She began working as a child performer in Canadian television, first as the title character in Ramona, a series adapted from Beverly Cleary’s series of children’s novels, and then starring for several years as Sara Stanley, the lead character of Road to Avonlea, adapted from the novels of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

In the late 1990s, Polley began to build an impressive resume in independent films.  She had a pivotal role in Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter, and in 1999 appeared in several films, including David Cronenberg’s Existenz and Doug Liman’s Go:

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Movieline Cover Gallery 1992

Starlog Archives: Labyrinth

Jim Henson spent much of the 1980’s trying to escape the Muppets.  After the relative disappointment of The Dark Crystal in 1982, Henson tried to mix live actors in with his fantastic creations in Labyrinth.  It didn’t help.  Reviews were mixed and the movie flopped at the box office.  But thirty years later, Labyrith is viewed as a cult classic.  The movie starred a then-unknown Jennifer Connelly and the great David Bowie.

The cover story on Labyrinth comes from the June 1986 issue of Starlog.  I have also included a profile on Connelly which ran in the following issue.

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