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Lego Dimensions: Fun With Fun Packs: Hermione Granger and Tina Goldstein

I am wrapping up my coverage of Lego Dimension’s take on J.K. Rowling with a look at two Fun Packs featuring female supporting characters from Harry Potter lore; Hermione Granger and Tina Goldstein.  These packs feature characters who have a lot of overlap with their male costars in terms of powers and abilities.  So what do they bring to the table?  Two things: gender equality and relatively low prices.

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Lego Dimensions: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is the second of three Story Packs released for Lego Dimensions.  The expansion includes several new levels which recreate the story from last year’s spin-off movie.  If you are a fan of all things J.K. Rowling and Lego games, there is lots of fun to be had here.  But is it worth the steep sticker price?

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The 2017 Best Costume Design Nominees


Hello again! I’m Allison, and I love writing and costuming. So I’m thrilled to be back on Le Blog for a second year of discussing the Oscar nominations for Best Costume Design, especially as I recently wrapped my consistent blogging project, Lizzie McGuire Reviewed.

We’ve got an interesting crop of films this year. They’re almost all period pieces (with the exception of La La Land, which wants to be) and none are particularly over-the-top; we certainly don’t see any costuming as downright bonkers as last year’s winner, Mad Max: Fury Road, but this year’s list also lacks the bright, fantastical design of Disney flicks like Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland that usually appear in this category. Most critics are calling a toss-up between Jackie and  La La Land for the award. I’d be fine with the former. We’ll….get into the latter.

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Readers Rank the Holiday Movies of 2016


Participation in the Holiday Movie Survey was down from the summer.  That may be that readers were too busy to participate.  Based on the responses we did get, readers definitely saw fewer movies than they did over the summer which isn’t surprising given that the holiday movie season is roughly half as long.  Of the 25 movies included in the survey, readers only ranked seven of them.  For the most part, readers liked what they saw.  Only one movie received a “thumbs down” from readers, so the rankings will mostly be determined by how many people saw each movie.

With only ten respondents, this may not be scientifically significant, but here are the movies as ranked by readers.

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KevtheWriter on Fall/Winter 2016 Movies


Happy New Year, everyone!  KevtheWriter is back to share his thoughts on the end of the year movie offerings.  He also provides his lists for the best and worst movies of 2016.

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