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May 18: Happy Birthday Tina Fey and Frank Capra


It’s Tina Fey’s 47th birthday today.  The nine-time Emmy winner began her career with The Second City, Chicago’s improv comedy troupe, and then was hired as a writer by Saturday Night Live.  She began performing in sketches in 2000, and soon was anchoring the “Weekend Update” segment, first with Jimmy Fallon, then with Amy Poehler.  She was also eventually promoted to head writer.

Three of Fey’s nine Emmys have been as a writer or guest performer on Saturday Night Live.  The other six are for the series she created, produced, starred in and frequently wrote for following her 2006 departure from SNL.  The show centered around the production staff and stars of a fictitious sketch comedy series.  The name of the series—the real one—was 30 Rock.

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Rank the Oscar Winning Movies: the 1930s

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It’s awards season, and the apex is coming up at the end of the month as the Academy Awards ceremony will be held to reward the best in film for the year. As a part of our Oscars coverage I’m going to ask our readers here at LeBlog to rank the Best Picture winners of each decade starting with the 1930s. I decided to skip the first two years of the awards in the 1920s because I’m wagering not many of us have seen either of those movies…and their existence is mathematically inconvenient. Let me know in the comments section if this decision is seen as blasphemous.

Every couple of days I’ll post a little quick info about each Best Picture winner from the assigned decade and allow everyone here to rank them as they see fit. Once we work our way up to the current day, the top scorers will then be skimmed from the top and presented for one final ranking. Obviously there will be times when many of us will not have seen some of the movies. Don’t let that deter you. Odds are that if you rank the movies you’ve actually seen highly we’ll end up with a list that will stand up to scrutiny. After all…these are all Oscar-winning films!

First up–the 1930s!
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Best Actor Oscars Bracket Game: Clark Gable vs James Stewart

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There have been some truly legendary and some sadly under appreciated performers to be named Best Actor at the yearly Oscars party. Which is which? With the 87th annual Academy Awards ceremony approaching later this month, we here at LeBlog thought we’d start up another of our popular bracket contests to throw a little attention at some of these great performances. There are only 16 available slots in these things, while there have been 86 Best Actor designees so far, leaving 70 acting greats on the outside looking in from the beginning. That’s some pretty brutal math. I tried to represent the entire history of the award by including at least two actors from each of the last eight decades and pairing those up in the first round. That will almost certainly result in some stunning early exits, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.
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