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Ashley Judd: Steel Magnolia

So this is timely.  Ashley Judd has been in the headlines recently for her part in bringing down the infamous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.  Today’s interview was the cover story of the October 1997 issue of Movieline magazine right about the time when the events Judd described would have happened!  Of course, the interview has nothing to do with Weinstein.  But it does provide a look back at Judd when she was a rising actress looking to establish herself.  You can tell from her answers that Judd was a fighter from way back.

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Jon Voight: Isn’t it Romantic?

Jon Voight’s heyday was in the 1970’s.  While he has taken time off from his career, he has always come back to acting.  In the 90’s, Voight enjoyed a resurgence with character roles in movies like Heat, Mission: Impossible and Anaconda.  The May 1997 issue of Movieline magazine included an interview with Voight in which he is surprisingly sunny.  It probably helped matters that the interview was conducted by Pamela Des Barres, the rock and roll super groupie who partially inspired the Penny Lane character in Almost Famous.  She doesn’t exactly hit Voight with hardball questions.

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Movies of 1995 Bracket Game: Heat Vs. The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects Vs. Heat

We’re looking back at the movies from 1995.  What was hot twenty years ago?  Which movies dominated the awards?  And which movies have stood the test of time?  In the Movies of 1995 bracket game, we’re pitting 16 of the biggest and best-remembered movies of the year against each other.  Readers will vote until only one movie reigns supreme.

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What the Hell Happened to Ashley Judd?

ashley judd 2013

Ashley Judd

In the 90’s, Ashley Judd was one of the most promising actresses in Hollywood.  She has been nominated for two Golden Globes, played a young Marilyn Monroe and for a while she practically owned the thriller genre.  But later in her career, Judd transitioned from suspense movies to chick flicks and political activism.  Since then, Judd’s movie career has shifted into low gear.  These days, Judd is better known for her political aspirations than her latest movies.

What the hell happened?

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