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March 20: Happy Birthday William Hurt and Spike Lee


William Hurt is turning 67 today.  After studying at Tufts and Juilliard, he spent several years with the Circle Repertory Company.  He was a Tony nominee for his Broadway debut in David Rabe’s Hurlyburly.  He made his film debut in Altered States in 1980 and received a Golden Globe nomination.  His next film roles were in the romantic thriller Eyewitness with Sigourney Weaver, as a classic film noir sap in Body Heat, with yesterday’s headliner Glenn Close, among others, in The Big Chill, and in the lead role in Gorky Park.  And then he starred in an adaptation of a novel by Manuel Puig:

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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game Winner: Raising Arizona


Much like a Coen brothers comedy, our Movies of 1987 bracket game got a little crazy in spots.  But after an unprecedented three-way vote in the finals, we have a definitive winner.  Readers picked Raising Arizona as their favorite movie of the year.  Ironically, both Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter starred in movies that were both more popular and more acclaimed thirty years ago.  Cage starred opposite Cher in Norman Jewison’s Moonstruck and Hunter was part of the central love triangle in Broadcast News.  But three decades later, those movies have faded from relevance while Arizona, which was more or less ignored in theaters, shines bright.

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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Planes, Trains and Automobiles Vs. Raising Arizona


1987 is just flying by.  Or at least the Movies of 1987 Bracket Game is.  Today, we’re bringing Round Two to a close with two movies that will leave you laughing.  Planes, Trains and Automobiles took audiences on a road trip home with Steve Martin and John Candy.  And Raising Arizona showed what happened when an ex-con and an ex-cop resort to kidnapping to start a family.  Which movie will reign as the top comedy of the year?  That’s up to you guys.  I just work here.

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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Spaceballs Vs. Raising Arizona


As we approach the end of round one, it’s time to get silly.  We had some laughs in the Steve Martin round yesterday, but today we’re just going to get stupid with two cult comedies that are all about the jokes.  Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs gave sci-fi and fantasy movies the spoof treatment.  And the Coen brothers followed up their acclaimed crime drama, Blood Simple, with one of the goofiest crime comedies ever made, Raising Arizona.

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