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May 17: Happy Birthday Enya and Andrea Corr


Today is hereby decreed to be Irish Singers Day at Le Blog (plus, we have a lot of other music world birthdays).

Eithne Ní Bhraonáin, generally known as Enya, is turning 56 today.  She began her music career by spending a few years with the traditional Celtic band Clannad, which consists of her three elder siblings and their two uncles.  In the mid-eighties she started to pursue a solo career.  Her first album, Enya, was a selection of music she had recorded for a BBC documentary.  With her second album, Watermark, she became an international success and one of the defining performers of new age music.

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15 Great Oscar-Winning Songs!: “Beauty and the Beast”

Okay, so you knew I couldn’t spend two weeks covering Oscar-winning songs here without offering up some of the excellent examples brought to us by the folks at Disney. This particular one has actually grown gradually in my eyes over the years. If you had asked me at the time of its Oscar win in March of 1992 I probably would have expressed a preference for both “Be Our Guest” and “Belle” which were both also from the same movie and were both also nominated in the Best Original Song category. But mostly I remember being relieved that the three songs from the same film hadn’t cancelled one another out and allowed that awful song from the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood to steal the statuette. That would have been a true injustice.
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Disney Songs Poll Results! #5 – “Be Our Guest”

We’ve hit the prestigious top 5 of our Disney Songs Poll as voted by you, our readers!

Songs as iconic as “Be Our Guest” from Disney’s 1991 smash Beauty and the Beast become a part of our brain’s pathways. We can’t imagine them being any different than they always have been. But, as I discussed in yesterday’s post, those things which seem permanent often come about through chance, happenstance, or compromise…and just about everything about “Be Our Guest” was supposed to be different.
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Disney Songs Poll Results! #6 – “Under the Sea”

It’s easy to look back at the Disney Renaissance which started with 1989’s The Little Mermaid as a fait accompli. We’ve been living with the likes of Ariel, Aladdin, Simba, and Belle for more than a quarter century by now. They’ve taken up residence not only in our Blu-ray players and iPods, but also in Disney’s theme parks. It is difficult to imagine a world without them.

But that’s exactly what we had.
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Disney Songs Poll Results! #8 – “Part of Your World”

When I think of the Disney Renaissance which began with their return to the fairy tale musical form with 1989’s The Little Mermaid, this is the song which leaps to mind. If you take the time to watch the movie again it almost seems like the song transforms the company’s animation department mid-film, inspiring proceedings to a whole new level, with more lovingly rendered scenes and a whole different kind of expectations. Up to that point in The Little Mermaid, we are getting an entertaining, but mostly unremarkable tale about an irresponsible teenaged mermaid with a friend named “Flounder” who looks nothing like a flounder. Then, Ariel opens her mouth and her big eyes and sings her heart out and we are all suddenly completely on board.

But things almost didn’t turn out that way…
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Disney Songs Poll Results! #18 – “Prince Ali”

I had a couple of complaints that “Friend Like Me” wasn’t included in our poll, so I’m guessing that the votes that would have gone to that fun song ended up going to this hilarious one. The late Robin Williams practically dominates Aladdin with his rapid fire character-changing style which is featured so well here in “Prince Ali,” as his Genie follows up on one of Aladdin’s wishes by marching him into the palace as a wildly wealthy and attractive prince. The “prince” part is important because it makes him qualified to marry Princess Jasmine in the eyes of her Father, the Sultan of Agrabah.
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Disney Songs Poll!


As will become very obvious in the coming days, Lebeau and I are both taking Disney-related trips later this month. Lebeau and family are taking their first Disney cruise while I am in Anaheim at roughly the same time. As such, Disney and vacations in general will dominate much of June here at Le Blog.

Instead of our typical bracket game, I’ve decided to fill the first three weeks of the month by writing about one song from an animated Disney feature film each day. You, our faithful readers, will have a hand in deciding which songs I will write about by ranking four different lists of songs provided below. Polldaddy only allows ten candidates in each ranking group, so I separated forty famous songs from the house of mouse into four different groups.

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