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February 9: Happy Birthday Tom Hiddleston and Zhang Ziyi


Our two headliners today are both connected to the Warner Brothers/Legendary Monsterverse franchise.  Hiddleston was one of the stars of Kong: Skull Island, while Zhang will appear in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which will come out next year.

Tom Hiddleston is turning 37 today.  He began acting in student productions at Cambridge, and later studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.  He began working in British film, theater and television in the early 2000s.  One of his early television roles was Randolph Churchill in the BBC/HBO production The Gathering Storm, while on stage, he won an Olivier Award in a dual role in a 2007 revival of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, and a year later played Cassio in a production of Othello.  In 2011, he made his first appearance in his best known film role.

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February 9: Happy Birthday Mia Farrow and Carole King


Mia Farrow turns 72 today.  The daughter of director John Farrow and actress Maureen O’Sullivan, she first became known for starring on the first two seasons of the prime-time soap opera Peyton Place, and then as the star of the horror classic Rosemary’s Baby, for which she was a Golden Globe nominee.  During the seventies she starred in films such as Follow Me!, The Great Gatsby (as Daisy Buchanan), and Death on the Nile.

In 1979, Farrow began a relationship with Woody Allen, and starred or co-starred in all of Allen’s films from 1982-1992.  During her years as Allen’s “muse,” she was nominated for Golden Globes for Broadway Danny Rose, The Purple Rose of Cairo, and Alice, and for BAFTA Awards for The Purple Rose of Cairo and Hannah and Her Sisters.

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Totally Awesome Facts You Need to Know About Goodfellas


Martin Scorsese’s classic crime drama, Goodfellas was released 25 years ago today!  To celebrate, we’re looking at some totally awesome facts you need to know about Goodfellas.

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“The Best Comedy of the Year!” 1990s


As I indicated in my previous post and in the comments section that came with it, I went into this project fully expecting to prefer the film comedies I would have to choose from as I moved back into my younger days. Is this a bias based on personal tastes? Is it a generational bias that we would see repeated reliably if we polled thousands of people of different ages? Or are there really certain eras for different art forms that are simply of a higher quality than others?

As we roll back into my young adulthood in the 1990s, my guess is that it’s a little bit of all of the above.
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