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August 8: Happy Birthday Keith Carradine and Robert Siodmak



Keith Carradine, one of the most prominent members of the famous acting family, is turning 68 today.  He made his film debut in a supporting role in Robert Altman’s McCabe & Mrs. Miller, and later went on to star in the director’s Thieves Like Us and to a major role in the ensemble cast of Nashville.  Some of his other film roles have included starring in Ridley Scott’s first feature, The Duellists, appearing with his brothers David and Robert in Walter Hill’s The Long Riders, as the Younger Brothers, and roles in several of Alan Rudolph’s films.  On television he was an Emmy nominee for the 1983 miniseries Chiefs, and appeared in the early episodes of Deadwood as Wild Bill Hickock.  More recently he has had recurring roles on Dexter and, as President Conrad Dalton, on Madam Secretary.

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August 8: Happy Birthday Dustin Hoffman and JC Chasez

Dustin Hoffman

Two-time Oscar winning actor, Dustin Hoffman turns 79 today.  Before hitting it big, Hoffman was roomies with Gene Hackman.  Hoffman hit it big when he starred in Mike Nichols’ comedy, The Graduate in 1967.  He won his first Oscar for Kramer vs. Kramer in 1979 and won again in 1988 for Rain Man.  Hoffman has starred in some memorable movies like Midnight Cowboy, Tootsie and All the President’s Men but kids probably know him as the voice of Master Shifu in the Kung Fu Panda films.

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Movieline Magazine “Nipped in the Bud” Actors Circa 1990

movieline - sean young

Earlier this week, I took a nostalgia trip back to 1990 with a Movieline article about actresses whose careers were “nipped in the bud”.  Some of the actresses who were included in that article did manage to comeback after 1990 for at least a little while.  Many are still working in some capacity today.  However, their careers as movie stars were in fact cut short as the magazine article suggested.

A couple months after the first article ran, Movieline ran a follow-up about 8 actors whose careers were “nipped in the bud”.  Here it is for your reading please.

NOTE: I mixed up the covers on these articles.  The Winona Ryder cover actually belongs to the second article.  I’m using the image from a Sean Young cover for this article just because you can’t ever get enough Sean Young unless you’re at an awards show.

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