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What the Hell Happened to Kelly McGillis?

Kelly McGillis

Kelly McGillis

In the mid-eighties, Kelly McGillis was a rising star.  Early in her career, she had a couple of hits one of which turned out to be one of the most iconic movies of the entire decade.  Top Gun made Tom Cruise a mega-star.  But McGillis’ career went in a different direction.  A few years after her star-making role, McGillis became dissatisfied with Hollywood.  While McGillis has continued working steadily. she has largely avoided the spotlight.

What the hell happened?

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There Oughta be a Law!

Cher - Suspect

As part of the 1996 Women in Hollywood issue of Movieline magazine, Joe Queenan examined the trend of actresses he considered to be miscast as lawyers.  Queenan imagines a conspiracy starting with Cher in Suspect which leads to Cindy Crawford being cast as an attorney in Fair Game.

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Movies of 1985 Bracket Game: Commando Vs. Witness

Commando Vs Witness

With the start of a new year, there’s a whole new slate of movies to look forward to.  Hollywood is hoping 2015 will be a better year at the movies than 2014 was.  But how will the movies of the new year stack up against the movies from 30 years ago.  1985 gave us some classic movies and its share of forgettable ones.  In this month’s bracket game we’re going back in time to 1985 to pick our favorites from 30 years ago!

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Nope, Not a 1-hit wonder: Berlin

Oh so 80s. Listen and get images of flying fighter jets and Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis.

But aside from their contribution to one of the biggest blockbusters of the era, that was it for Berlin right? Not quite.

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Movieline Magazine “Nipped in the Bud” Actresses Circa 1990

movieline magazine Nipped Cover

Back in 1990, Movieline Magazine ran an article about 8 actresses whose acting careers had been cut short.  It was their version of What the Hell Happened.  Ironically, the same issue featured a cover story on the rise of Winona Ryder and a pictorial with a hot up-and-coming actress named Penelope Ann Miller.  Oh, hindsight, you make everything funny!

Here’s a look at the actresses Movieline Magazine said were “nipped in the bud” in 1990.

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