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Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Last Day in the Kingdom – Daffy Does Disney

Well, here we are at the end of my Spring Break journey to Walt Disney World. While each of my previous videos has been just a portion of one of my vacation days, today’s final video will cover pretty much all of my park activities from my last day in the parks. Since my flight back home was set for late afternoon that day, I would have only from rope drop until around lunchtime to squeeze just a little more enjoyment out of my visit. That manifested itself in one more chance at favorite attractions like the Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and the PeopleMover, last-minute opportunities at experiencing things I hadn’t yet on this trip, and trying a long-delayed food item that I’ve seen plenty of love for elsewhere. Unfortunately, it also meant dealing with a potentially inconvenient event that struck very early on. Come along and experience my eventful last day at the Magic Kingdom!


Unboxing my New MagicBand 2.0! – Daffy Does Disney

As my Walt Disney World vacation approaches I continue hitting guideposts along the way. Today was a major one as my MagicBand arrived in the mail! Join me as I open it up and give it a look over!

Details on Disney World’s Top Secret Project


No, I’m not talking about the proposed Hollywood Studios expansion.  Details have finally started to leak about Disney’s new My Magic Plus aka FastPass Plus.  This initiative has been in the works and tightly under wraps for years now.  Disney has been testing the new FastPass on and off for about a year now.  Originally, they had planned to roll it out in late 2013, although I am hearing 2014 is more realistic.

The details have been wrapped in secrecy as Disney tested their system and decided how best to monetize it, I mean give their guests the best experience possible. Those details have been mostly hammered out, although they are subject to change if Disney feels the need to do so.

Forum poster and generally connected Disney scooper, WDW1974, posted the details for all to see at wdwmagic.  Details after the jump:

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